Packed to the Brim

Helloooo I was busy again the past couple days, so I will do a recap!



Picture 106 

Coffee with agave and almond milk, Ezekial Almond Granola with almond milk, sliced banana (heated in the microwave, which I’ve seen around a couple blogs) ground flax, and a spoonful of peanut butter.  This is so good I continued to have it 3 days in a row 🙂


Picture 107

Three Sisters Casserole, Royal Gala Apple


Picture 108 

Apple Pie Larabar


Picture 110

Vegetable curry, Indian Rice Pilaf, Steamed Veggies with canola, s&p

Picture 112

Candy Cane Kisses!  So addictive.


Picture 105

One cup of Chocolate Vitasoy, Salba Crispy Rice Snack



Picture 113

Coffee with agave and almond milk, Ezekial Almond Granola with almond milk, sliced banana, ground flax, and a spoonful of peanut butter glass of calcium-added OJ.


Picture 111

Leftover Curry, Indian Rice Pilaf, Mustard Pickles, Royal Gala Apple.

Picture 116

My family discovered a man who will deliver boxes of Organic produce and  other groceries to your door!  All grown locally.  So I got them to a add a bag of organic kale for me, and they gave me the Organic spicy alfalfa sprout mix and organic hemp hearts

Friday night me and two friends went to Boston Pizza.  I had called another place to make reservations the day before, and they were full!  And BP was pretty full too last night.  After dinner we headed to Walmart, to pick up a few things for Christmas, and it was crazy packed too.


Picture 117

Caesar salad sans bacon, Mediterranean Stromboli with tomatoes, spinach, cheese, artichokes, sundried tomatoes, etc.


Picture 118 

Lemon Sponge cake (minus a bite) mmmm and an un-pictured cup of coffee.



Picture 104

Cup of Celestial Beginnings tea with almond milk, Calcium-added OJ, Ezekial Almond Granola with almond milk, banana slices, heated, with ground flax, hemp hearts, and a spoonful of PB

After breakfast I headed to my appointment at a spa for the Facial I won!  Some of the creams stung my face, but they also gave a small foot massage which was amazing.  And I have my bebe Axl for the weekend (my dog).

Then to the mall.  Maybe not such a great idea.  My dad gave me money to get presents for my dad, and I already got her a certificate for a 1 Hour Massage, but needed some other things. It was SO busy.  And I was all greasy around my hair line from the facial haha.  But I found a scarf/hat set for her, and a  little exercise thing from Pilates.  Tonight I think I’ll relax, with the option of MAYBE going out, we’ll see.  I have A Christmas Story, Christmas with the Kranks, and a Charlie Brown Christmas.



At the mall I got a coffee, with soy milk and organic sugar which I had with a S’mores Luna Bar when I got home.  I like these because they have vitamins/minerals added that I might be missing out on.

Supper will be the last of the curry, and some steamed kale!   Good night guys, enjoy your Saturday nights, I’ll leave you with a picture of Ax I just took, he’s sitting beside me 🙂

Picture 001



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Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Hey!  Some things I ate Sunday:

Picture 017

Veggie Dumplings with Sweet Chili Sauce

Picture 022

Sesame Tofu Loaf with Roast Potatoes and Squash

Breakfast Monday:

Picture 018

Pumpkin Oats made with organic steel cut oats, water, vanilla soy milk, vanilla, pumpkin, banana, ground flax, cinnamon topped with pumpkin seeds and a spoonful of PB.  Cup of coffee with soy milk/agave.


Picture 025

Leftovers from supper at my bf’s parents house Sunday- cranberry baked beans, green onion rice, steamed veggies and homemade cranberry sauce, Royal Gala Apple.

After work I had two cookies that were sent to us, chocolate chip, and a cup of Chocolate Caramel Enchantment tea.

Picture 026


Picture 029

Defrosted Homemade Sweet Potato Soup drizzled with organic olive oil, and half an Ezekial bun.


Picture 030

Roast Cumin Cashews.

The rest of the night kinda went downhill haha, it was our last french class, and the teacher brought sweets, clementines, orange juice and wine.  Then when I got home I had a couple more of those chocolate chip cookies and sadly some more junk after that.  Ha.  This time of year is amazing, I love it, but the constant amount of food around is craziness.


Today’s breakfast:

Picture 028

A smoothie made with organic vanilla basmati rice milk, frozen organic blueberries, a banana, ground flax and a little agave nectar.  I felt my body deserved this today 🙂


Picture 024

Amy’s vegetable pie pocket, Jones Organics Iced Tea and a Royal Gala Apple.

Snack at work:

Picture 032

These bars are great, they have hemp protein and organic agave, flax, etc.  Also soy,wheat and dairy free!  A little costly, but worth the extra.


Picture 034

Amy’s No-Cheese Pizza!  After I did my workout at home, I was starrrrving so I was searching for something quick at the grocery store.  These pizzas were on sale for $6.99 🙂  These are fabulous, you don’t even miss the cheese.  I served it with a scoop of homemade cranberry sauce for dipping, and a spinach salad with sliced almonds and homemade balsamic vinaigrette.



Gingerbread Man and a glass of Chocolate Vitasoy.

Me and my bf are watching Home Alone, and then I have some laundry to do.  I baked some more gingerbread men haha, they are well-liked.  Today I listened to Jessica Simpson’s Christmas songs while I worked, hence the title of my post.  Her and Nick Lachey did a mean re-make of Baby, It’s Cold Outside.  Have a good night!


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I heart the weekend, this cannot be stressed enough.  This morning for brekkie I used up an old packet of instant multi-grain oatmeal, which had spelt/kamut flakes, millet, and other such grains.  I added boiling water, then drizzled agave, cut up banana slices, ground flax, and a spoon of organic PB, with a mug of coffee.

Picture 086

I did some running around, and then started baking.  Taking a break in between for lunch, which was a random onion bun, toasted, with roasted garlic hummus, baby spinach and green onion, and a glass of Vanilla Basmati Rice Milk.

Picture 083

For supper we went to my great-aunt and uncle’s.  They usually serve the food buffet-style, as they did tonight.  Most of the dishes had meat, so I had some macaroni salad, bean salad, pickles and a roll.  And then a couple small sweets for dessert.  My great uncle looked at me SO weird when I took a picture of my supper haha, but he didn’t say anything. 

Picture 092

Anyways, today I made: Chocolate-Orange Fudge With ApricotsGingerbread Men and Roast Cumin Cashews.

For the fudge I used all cashew butter, since I had no macadamia, and sprinkled it with cashews.  For the gingerbread men I made an icing just eyeing out Earth Balance Spread (melted), Organic powdered sugar, vanilla extract and soy milk.  The cashews recipe included just raw cashews, a flax “Egg”, cumin, cayenne, chili powder, sea salt and organic cane sugar, baked at 300 Degrees.

Picture 099

Picture 101

Picture 093

Picture 103

A few “samples” were in order, and they were all delicious!  I have to get up early tomorrow, me and a friend booked a table at a local flea market, time to de-clutter!  I think I’ma go eat another ginger man now.  Good night 🙂


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A New Love

This morning started out not so great.  I threw all my ingredients into the blender for my smoothie- 1/2 banana, blueberries, vanilla basmati rice milk, ground flax and a packet of Vanilla Rice Protein powder, pressed the grind button, and just a little whining sound came out.  BOO I tried just about everything, and it still didn’t work 😦  So I had to whip out the clunky old food processor, haha and scraped what I could out of the blender jar, and made it that way.  What a mess, I ended up running late so the smoothie had to go into a good ‘ol Dixie cup, and brought it to work.  The combination of ingredients was really good though!

 Picture 086

Coffee break at work was……. a

Peanut Butter Larabar!!!!

We can’t buy this here, but it is now hands-down my favorite flavor, with Banana Bread as the runner-up.  Lunch was roast-garlic hummus on Ezekial bread with romaine lettuce and tomato slices, and two clemmies.

 Picture 081

Supper was some defrosted Veggie Spaghetti Sauce served on Kamut Somen Noodles (so good) and a side salad made with baby spinach, sliced almonds, dried cranberries with a homemade dressing using organic canola oil, diced garlic, balsamic vinegar, maple syrup and s&p.

 Picture 088

Dessert was a big brownie from the other night, and a mug of Stash Organic Christmas Tea.

 Picture 082

Last night I got some christmas presents wrapped, while watching The Santa Clause, and today I finished up my projects that I’m giving to people as gifts!  Well, some with their gift, you know what I mean.  And tried this new snack- which is sweet and crunchy, vegan, wheat-free, soy-free etc.!

Picture 079

This is my “tree” I made a couple years ago.  I gathered fallen branches from the trees out front, spray painted them a silvery-white shade, sprinkled them with glitter, and added a string of mini Christmas lights!  It’s starting to look kinda rough (the glitter mostly fell of, the paint is fading, a couple branches have been snapped off coming out of the attic) but still so pretty.


I think I might hit the hay early tonight, which is weird. Good Night !


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Kitchen Blunders and a Delivery!

This morning for breakfast it was a  defrosted Banana-Date Muffin heated up with some pb and a sliced banana, with the usual cup of coffee.

Picture 065

The other night I had kidney beans to use up so I chopped up some onion and garlic, sauteed it in some canola oil and used cumin to spice them up.  Then I made some whole wheat couscous, topped it with the bean mixtures, and this made 3 simple lunches.  I packed one of these and two clementines for lunch today.

Picture 059 

Picture 062

Snack after work was a glass of mixed Yu Basmati Rice Milk + Chocolate Almond Milk, and an Enjoy Life bar.

Picture 066

Supper was lots of steamed broccoli and zucchini and Dreena’s Peanut Passion Sauce on brown rice pasta.  Delicious!  Creamy and peanut-ty. 

Picture 067

But it was so much MORE work than need be, well the pasta, I put wayyy to much into a small pot, and it all turned into a goop!  Then half the broccoli and zucchini fell on the floor when I was straining out the steam water, and burning my fingers in the meantime.  Does anyone else have huge klutz days in the kitchen?

Picture 063

Gross eh?  It doesn’t even look like pasta anymore.

I wanted something sweet to make for dessert, but didn’t want to do any Christmas Baking QUITE this early, sooooooo brownies it was!  These ones with Wing-it Vegan’s Icing recipe.  Just noticing, peanut butter for breakfast, supper and dessert.

Picture 073

But guess what!! Something made up for my kitchen mishaps.  I got a package in the mail frommmmmmmm LARABAR!!!  They sent me a box of assorted bars and a T-shirt!  And there’s even PB flavor in there which I haven’t tried yet!!  So exciting 🙂

Picture 071

Picture 075

Thank you Larabar! I’m off to watch the Hills online, night!


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Starvin’ Marvin

The mall was so busy yesterday!  They just happened to be having 15-20% off EVERYTHING in most stores.  I ended up finishing shopping for two people, which isn’t bad, and getting two well-needed shirts for myself (oops).  I ate the other half of my fast-food falafel yesterday and brought a Banana Bread Larabar with me because I knew I’d be hungry! 

Picture 065

For supper I had a huge bowl of my homemade Sweet Potato Soup drizzled with organic canola oil and ground pepper, and half an Ezekial Hamburger Bun toasted for dipping.

Picture 062

Later on we decorated and put up the Christmas tree!  Yay.  Then we watched House Bunny, which was decent.  So I had a bowl of PC Organic Sea Salt Potato Chips and two Country Choice Organic Creme Sandwiches.

Picture 066

Picture 067

Picture 064

This morning for breakfast it was a cup of coffee, and another waffle sandwich using two Organic Nature’s Path Flax Waffles, organic PB, sliced banana and maple syrup.  I finished the book I am Charlotte Simmons by Tom Wolfe and highly recommend it if anyone is looking for some good reading material 🙂

Picture 063

Snack later on was a plate of organic baby carrots, roasted garlic hummus and a couple dried figs. 

Picture 072

For supper I prepared 3 of Brooke’s Stuffed Portobello Mushroom Burgers with Balsamic Mayonnaise  on Ezekial Hamburger buns, and served them with a romaine side-salad topped with Annie’s Goddess Dressing, and brussel sprouts roasted in organic canola oil, s&p and cayenne pepper. 

Picture 070

These are extremely good!  My bf liked them too!  After dinner I had a cup of Stash’s Organic Christmas Tea, which is peppermint green tea.  And then for dessert 3 Country Choice Organic Creme Sandwiches, and a cup of So Nice’s Noel Nog sprinkled with cinnamon.  I’m hungry again hahaha, hence the name of my post.

Picture 073

Picture 075

Gossip Girl is on tonight!   Back at the grind tomorrow though, it’s always sad to see the weekend finish.  It’s actually snowing like crazy outside.  Good night!


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Let The Shopping Begin

Yesterday for breakfast I had to get something together quickly, so I used the last of my organic Liberte yogurt, cinnamon Puffins and agave nectar.  Oh and a cup of organic coffee.  It was a rushed breakfast.

Picture 044

For lunch it was a packed Amy’s Black Bean Burrito and an organic Royal Gala apple, and an Apple Pie Larabar for snack.

Picture 040

Picture 039

Supper was a salad, baby carrotts, roasted garlic hummus and a wrap made using an Ezekial sprouted grain wrap, veganaise, mixed greens and a bit of frozen leftover Ginger Cashew Tofu.  Then I baked the wrap for a few minutes so it was crispy 🙂  So good.  And this type of hummus is so creamy! 

Picture 041

Picture 043

Me and a friend went out last night to a “club” haha, technically our only dance club we have.  Then at 2 when our bars close, we met up with the guys and my bf bought a huge box of greasy garlic fingers, of which after having a couple drinks I had to have a couple, and I bought a falafel, which must have weighed like 2 pounds. haha.  Anyways, I could only eat half, and I saved the other half for today.  I probably won’t buy fast-food falafel again eek.  I’m just enjoying a cup of organic green tea right now, then I’ll probably make something to eat.

Picture 054

(I know, not an attractive picture of the wrap)

Picture 052

And then off to do some Christmas shopping!  The stores are all decorated and playing Christmas music, BEST time of the year.  Enjoy your weekends 🙂


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