My Cashew Cookie Larabar Love



Picture 001

Ezekial bread topped with re-fried beans, onion, tomato, fresh rosemary, s&p, Mom’s Asian salad

Evening Snack:

Picture 005 

Persimmon (Sharon Fruit)



Picture 003

Ezekial Granola, sliced banana, rice milk, raisins, ground flax


Picture 002

Amy’s Split Pea Soup, Royal Gala Apple


Picture 004

Mikes Restaurant- Caesar sans bacon

Picture 006

Roasted Veggie Sunshine Pizza, Pasta with rose sauce



Picture 007

Nature’s Path Maple Nut Oatmeal, rice milk, sliced banana, ground flax, walnuts, spoonful PB, Green Tea


Picture 009

Cashew Cookie Larabar–  First time trying this kind, YUM!


Picture 010

Herb Salad with rosemary vinegarette, BBQ Seitan Coleslaw sandwich from V’con (except I used tofu instead of Seitan)



Picture 011

Ezekial Granola, sliced banana, rice milk, raisins, ground flax, Green Tea


Picture 012

Liberte Organic Yogurt, Organic Bear Friends, Organic Maple Syrup


Picture 013

Royal Gala Apple


Picture 014

BBQ Coleslaw Tofu Sandwich, salad with sprouted beans/lentils, potatoes/sweet potatoes roasted with onions, canola oil, tamari, chili powder, fresh rosemary, s&p


Picture 015

So Delicious Neapolitan Ice cream Sandwich– these are exactly as they are named



Picture 018

Nature’s Path Maple Nut Oatmeal, rice milk, sliced banana, ground flax, walnuts, spoonful PB, Green Tea


Picture 017

Amy’s Shepherds Pie, Cashew Larabar, Apple *microwaving this Amy’s meal ruined it, it bubbled over at work, and was still frozen in the middle šŸ˜¦


Picture 016

Paul MacCartney’s Vegan Enchiladas with homemade vegan sourcream!  SO GOOD

Picture 008

Mexican Rice- cooked brown rice, salsa, tomatoes, mushrooms, celery, red pepper, garlic, hot sauce, cumin, chili powder, canola oil- spicy!

Picture 019


Picture 022

Ezekial toast, organic cocoa hazelnut spread, PB, Organic lollipop


Breakfast was a repeat performance of yesterday haha.


Picture 021

Pineapple, Mexican Rice with Eden’s Re-friend beans


Picture 020

Cinnamon Roll Lara

Some new bar finds!! and my magazines FINALLY came šŸ™‚

Picture 023

Hey Guys back again.  I’ve been kinda busy, hence the no bloggage as of late.   This past weekend was fun- Friday night was supper with the girls- Mike’s restaurant, which was really good, there was almost noone there though.  Saturday night me and my bf went on a double-date type thing, we went to a “concert”, well more of an intimate concert.  There was about 100-150 people there.  It was for Don Ross and Brooke Miller, they are married and sometimes perform together, amazing.  They’re both hilarious too actually, very sarcastic which I love.  Then we went to a pub after for drinks. 


We started belly dancing in my class last night!  So fun, it’s really hard though.  I know there’s some dancers out there, have you guys ever tried it?  I’m also considering taking one of these courses by correspondence-  I would hope I’d have the motivation to finish it on my own time, but I think that because it’s something that interests me, I could do it. 


Also I think I’m gonna take a break from blogging, or maybe I might not again, I don’t know.  Life’s getting kinda busy- It was fun though!  I’m glad I “met” you all haha.  I’ll definitely still be reading blogs though, even if I’m not blogging.  Time will tell I guess.  Take care, and have a good night!



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6 responses to “My Cashew Cookie Larabar Love

  1. I. love. all. your. eats. oh. my. goodness. gracious.

    Aww, I’ll miss you if you take a break from blogging!! Hang in there!!

  2. I’m drooling over all your delicious eats – especially those sandwiches!

  3. I have that Veggie Times magazine! It’s a good one!

    I’ll miss your posts šŸ˜¦ I hope you change your mind about “leaving” us.

  4. wow your bbq coleslaw tofu sandwich meal looks amazing, made me well hungry
    oo never tried a Cashew Cookie Larabar beofre! i can never get hold of larabar’s neer me šŸ˜¦ grr

    ohhh noo about the no blogging bit tho šŸ˜¦ xxxx

  5. cleanveggiex3

    cashew cookie larabar is my favorite flavor too!
    its the best. hands down!

  6. your sandwiches look so good, especially the sietian coleslaw sandwich from v’con.

    Love the bread with hazelnut spread and pb. SoOo pretty.

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