Caught Right In the Mid.dle

Whooaa time goes by fast.  It’s been almost a week!  We were supposed to have another storm last night, but it never happened.  Here’s a pic from 2 days after the crazy storm last week:

Picture 032

Boring, I know haha but it was sooo much snow.  Anyways, I caught some pictures over the past few days again:

Picture 005

End of the Nut Loaf, steamed spinach, Roast potatoes/onions from VWAV

Picture 006

Some Green & Blacks yumm

Picture 007

Nature’s Path Flax Waffles, PB, maple syrup, banana + Organic cup of JOE

Picture 002 

Juicy Pineapple

Picture 010 

Enjoy Life Chocolate Chip Cookies, heated with some recipe books to liven it up šŸ™‚

Picture 009 

Amy’s Pot Pie + roast organic carrots with canola, s+p, dried dill (inspired by Brooke’s dill carrots) 

These pot pies are like incredulous imo!



Picture 008

Ezekial almond granola + sliced banana, basmati rice milk, ground flax, hemp hearts, spoonful PB, Coffee


Hummus on Ezekial bread + spinach and spicy radish sprouts, Royal Gala Apple (not pictured)


Picture 016

Amy’s California burger on Ezekial bun + veganaise and organic ketchup, leftover carrots, side salad topped with Annie’s Goddess


Picture 012

Basmati rice milk, Barbara’s Bakery fig cookies


Picture 015

And Real Housewives wasn’t on!  Booo.  Well it was, but an old episode.  Everything about that show is so superficial, but it’s another guilty pleasure.

Nature’s Path Flax Waffle + PB and Maple Syrup



Picture 019

Smoothie!  Whoop.  Organic frozen strawberries, banana, organic Liberte vanilla yogurt, basmati rice milk, ground flax.  Even the bf shared in this goodness.


Picture 017

PB + Organic Blueberry Jam on Ezekial


Picture 013

Chia Goodness + Organic Vanilla Liberte Yogurt

Picture 018

Martini on a Thursday!  Gasp!  No, it’s really club soda and some calcium-enriched OJ šŸ™‚  And Amy’s Mattar Paneer. 

Man, that company never lets me down.  Everything I’ve tried was golden, and so good for you!

Dessert will probably be a re-run of Barbara’s fabulous cookies.  Oh, and I even had a coupon!

I signed up for dance classes!  It’s belly dance and Latin Fusion, it alternates from week to week.  And me and my friend are starting the intermediate part of the french course soon too.

And I wanted to show you what I made for Christmas gifts!  I couldn’t post pictures before because it would have ruined the surprise.  Homemade soy candles, in a couple different sizes!  Yay.  My first couple batches were using lemon aromatherapy scents.   I printed labels off the computer for them.  Mannnn it takes a lot of wax flakes to make just one.  I was so naive I just bought one box, and then ended up needing wayyyyyyyyyy more.1

Picture 078

Anyways though, good night everybody.  It’s almost the weekend!



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7 responses to “Caught Right In the Mid.dle

  1. i’m pretty sure i always say this, but i am obsessed with every single food you have posted here lol, i love it all! yum yum yum.

    & that snow is outrageous!! thank goodness you are even alive, that is so crazy.

  2. WOWZA that’s a lot of snow – eek!!

    Hooray for trying Brooke’s carrot recipe and for signing for for dance classes!! Oh and your homemade Christmas gifts are quite lovely!!

  3. oh my goodness everything looks delicious! amy’s pot pie – i need to try asap! glad you enjoyed the dill carrots, they are my favorite šŸ™‚ and all of the peanut butter-ness, yummy

    your christmas gifts are beautiful! i love that idea, i might try that next year

  4. Your photos are SO gorgeous! OMG our weather is completely opposite, so naturally I’m jealous šŸ˜€ That snow is beautiful but I’m sure it’s a beeotch sometimes. I just bought those Enjoy Life cookies- I’ll have to heat them up for added goodness! Have a great night.

  5. Oh my, everything looks delicious! And sorry to hear about the crazy storm! Eeek, the weather can be such a downer. I just can’t wait till the snow is gone! LOL

  6. great eats! love all the amy’s products and your great sandwiches!

  7. Wow that’s a lot of snow. This is the second blog I’ve seen mentioning Green and Black’s chocolate today. I think I need to get some. It is so good. šŸ™‚

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