Kitchen Blunders and a Delivery!

This morning for breakfast it was a  defrosted Banana-Date Muffin heated up with some pb and a sliced banana, with the usual cup of coffee.

Picture 065

The other night I had kidney beans to use up so I chopped up some onion and garlic, sauteed it in some canola oil and used cumin to spice them up.  Then I made some whole wheat couscous, topped it with the bean mixtures, and this made 3 simple lunches.  I packed one of these and two clementines for lunch today.

Picture 059 

Picture 062

Snack after work was a glass of mixed Yu Basmati Rice Milk + Chocolate Almond Milk, and an Enjoy Life bar.

Picture 066

Supper was lots of steamed broccoli and zucchini and Dreena’s Peanut Passion Sauce on brown rice pasta.  Delicious!  Creamy and peanut-ty. 

Picture 067

But it was so much MORE work than need be, well the pasta, I put wayyy to much into a small pot, and it all turned into a goop!  Then half the broccoli and zucchini fell on the floor when I was straining out the steam water, and burning my fingers in the meantime.  Does anyone else have huge klutz days in the kitchen?

Picture 063

Gross eh?  It doesn’t even look like pasta anymore.

I wanted something sweet to make for dessert, but didn’t want to do any Christmas Baking QUITE this early, sooooooo brownies it was!  These ones with Wing-it Vegan’s Icing recipe.  Just noticing, peanut butter for breakfast, supper and dessert.

Picture 073

But guess what!! Something made up for my kitchen mishaps.  I got a package in the mail frommmmmmmm LARABAR!!!  They sent me a box of assorted bars and a T-shirt!  And there’s even PB flavor in there which I haven’t tried yet!!  So exciting 🙂

Picture 071

Picture 075

Thank you Larabar! I’m off to watch the Hills online, night!



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8 responses to “Kitchen Blunders and a Delivery!

  1. Wow, free larabars? That sounds awesome! You are so lucky! Wonder if Canadians get get on the bandwagon on those!

  2. Jenny

    yay for larabar samples!! That chocolatey dessert look just like my Vitatop snack I’ve been having…so yummy 🙂

  3. free larabars!!! how?!

    yum, your peanut pasta looks delicious! (despite the pasta mix up) 🙂 and i love your banana date muffin and brownies with pb!

  4. Moran

    OH that’s so cool about the Larabars!!!

  5. Nice! That is so cool you got the Larabars. How was the Enjoy Life bar? I like some of their other products…

  6. did you get those lara’s for free! im so jealous 🙂 your eats are great btw

  7. sammyss

    Here’s the link-
    It might still be going on, definitely worth a try 🙂

  8. Deeeelish eats; HELL YES FOR LARABARS!! 🙂

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