Starvin’ Marvin

The mall was so busy yesterday!  They just happened to be having 15-20% off EVERYTHING in most stores.  I ended up finishing shopping for two people, which isn’t bad, and getting two well-needed shirts for myself (oops).  I ate the other half of my fast-food falafel yesterday and brought a Banana Bread Larabar with me because I knew I’d be hungry! 

Picture 065

For supper I had a huge bowl of my homemade Sweet Potato Soup drizzled with organic canola oil and ground pepper, and half an Ezekial Hamburger Bun toasted for dipping.

Picture 062

Later on we decorated and put up the Christmas tree!  Yay.  Then we watched House Bunny, which was decent.  So I had a bowl of PC Organic Sea Salt Potato Chips and two Country Choice Organic Creme Sandwiches.

Picture 066

Picture 067

Picture 064

This morning for breakfast it was a cup of coffee, and another waffle sandwich using two Organic Nature’s Path Flax Waffles, organic PB, sliced banana and maple syrup.  I finished the book I am Charlotte Simmons by Tom Wolfe and highly recommend it if anyone is looking for some good reading material 🙂

Picture 063

Snack later on was a plate of organic baby carrots, roasted garlic hummus and a couple dried figs. 

Picture 072

For supper I prepared 3 of Brooke’s Stuffed Portobello Mushroom Burgers with Balsamic Mayonnaise  on Ezekial Hamburger buns, and served them with a romaine side-salad topped with Annie’s Goddess Dressing, and brussel sprouts roasted in organic canola oil, s&p and cayenne pepper. 

Picture 070

These are extremely good!  My bf liked them too!  After dinner I had a cup of Stash’s Organic Christmas Tea, which is peppermint green tea.  And then for dessert 3 Country Choice Organic Creme Sandwiches, and a cup of So Nice’s Noel Nog sprinkled with cinnamon.  I’m hungry again hahaha, hence the name of my post.

Picture 073

Picture 075

Gossip Girl is on tonight!   Back at the grind tomorrow though, it’s always sad to see the weekend finish.  It’s actually snowing like crazy outside.  Good night!



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10 responses to “Starvin’ Marvin

  1. Gotta love PC Organic products! Delicious eats. And I love the waffles.

    And adorable Christmas tree!

  2. Mmm all those eats look so good, especially that stuffed portobella burger! Love the tree! 🙂

  3. Love the waffle sandwich idea!! The mall has been great for me too. I bought two dresses at Ann Taylor today for $107 (buy one get one half off — and both were on sale). Was pretty exciting. 🙂

  4. Moran

    Hi! Tree looks great!
    In regard to your Q on my blog, yea! I do live in the Czech Rep. Prague to be specific!

  5. love that lara bar flavor! and that waffle wich looks amazing.

  6. that stuffed mushroom burger looks so good..i love Brooke’s recipes!
    great eats!

  7. Hi Sammy!!

    YEAH CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!! It’s SOOO GREAT!!! I can’t WAIT!!!!!!!! =DD

    Those PORTABELLA BURGERS LOOK SCRUMTIOUS!!!!!!! Mmmm!!! =D And those EZEKIEL BUNS…ahhh!! I’m DREAMIN’ bout them hah!!!!!!!!!! =DDD=P

    Well,well…I hope you’re having a nice time =D
    Hugs !!!!!!

  8. yaay you made the portobello burger! i’m so glad you enjoyed it! 🙂 and your burger looks delicious!

    love the banana bread larabar! and your cute tree!

  9. Hi Sam!

    Thanks so much for the link to my blog, which led me to yours–much appreciated. Those burgers do look really good. And your tree is so cute!

  10. Gorgeous Christmas tree!!

    I ATE THAT SAME LARABAR FLAVOR TODAY!!! And I also ate dried figs today as well 😀

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