Let The Shopping Begin

Yesterday for breakfast I had to get something together quickly, so I used the last of my organic Liberte yogurt, cinnamon Puffins and agave nectar.  Oh and a cup of organic coffee.  It was a rushed breakfast.

Picture 044

For lunch it was a packed Amy’s Black Bean Burrito and an organic Royal Gala apple, and an Apple Pie Larabar for snack.

Picture 040

Picture 039

Supper was a salad, baby carrotts, roasted garlic hummus and a wrap made using an Ezekial sprouted grain wrap, veganaise, mixed greens and a bit of frozen leftover Ginger Cashew Tofu.  Then I baked the wrap for a few minutes so it was crispy 🙂  So good.  And this type of hummus is so creamy! 

Picture 041

Picture 043

Me and a friend went out last night to a “club” haha, technically our only dance club we have.  Then at 2 when our bars close, we met up with the guys and my bf bought a huge box of greasy garlic fingers, of which after having a couple drinks I had to have a couple, and I bought a falafel, which must have weighed like 2 pounds. haha.  Anyways, I could only eat half, and I saved the other half for today.  I probably won’t buy fast-food falafel again eek.  I’m just enjoying a cup of organic green tea right now, then I’ll probably make something to eat.

Picture 054

(I know, not an attractive picture of the wrap)

Picture 052

And then off to do some Christmas shopping!  The stores are all decorated and playing Christmas music, BEST time of the year.  Enjoy your weekends 🙂



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4 responses to “Let The Shopping Begin

  1. Moran

    The hummus looks really creamy! I love putting mine in wraps!

  2. PUFFINS!! LARABARS!! My loves (as evidenced by my recent blog post, haha 😀 ).

    Have fun shopping!!

  3. that ginger cashew tofu wrap looks so amazing!

  4. your hummus wrap (and the hummus itself) look delicious! i have never thought of using vegenaise with hummus. i must try this.

    yum, i love falafel! 🙂

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