My First Time..

At a reallll vegetarian restaurant!  It was a full menu, mostly organic ingredients and everything! Yesterday I went to another province for the day with mom and dad, and they dropped me off there while they went somewhere’s else to eat with my aunt and uncle.  It’s called Calactus Cafe.  I forgot my camera in the car though 😦  The atmosphere was so relaxed, and it was decorated beautifully.  I got the special, because it was too hard to pick anything off the menu since it all sounded good.  It was a homemade Ginger Carrot Soup, Veggie-Pate open-faced sandwich topped with tomatoes, red onion and herbs, organic corn chips, tabouli salad and garlic tofu cream sauce (since I asked for no cheese on my sandwich).  This meal was to die for, I wish I knew what was in that tofu cream sauce.  And we shopped, at a mall and good old Costco.  Anyways.  This morning I had a basic bowl of banana oats again, I know, boring haha, topped with agave, walnuts, PB, raspberry/blueberry jam and some organic granola. 

 Picture 032

I had a packed lunch of some more Goddess Garbanzo sandwich topping and some whole wheat couscous, big bowl of greens/baby spinach and two clementines.  Packed for snack was a Cocoa Coffee Larabar.  After work I went to get my hair did, some highlights wOOp.

 Picture 034

(a very yellow picture, eek)

Supper is some homemade butternut squish soup-delicious! defrosted, and drizzled with some olive oil and pepper, and a defrosted piece of Organic Spelt Bread me and mom made.

Picture 026 

After supper I did some laundry then went to the Grocery store.  Man things add up fast, it was craziness.  This is hardly any groceries.

Picture 036

Picture 035

Almond milk was on sale, and I had a bunch in the cart but had to put some back hehe.  And FIGS!  They’re dried, very good, taste kinda like apricots. I just finished making Sweet Potato Soup, a basic bunch of ingredients I threw together:

3/4 Bag Pre-Cut Sweet Potatoes (or about 5-6 full potatoes chopped)

1 Small Onion

1 Tbsp Organic Canola Oil

1 Tsp. Ground Cinnamon

1 Can Organic Vegetable Broth + 2-3 Cans Full of Water


I simmered the veggies, oil + broth/water until sweet potatoes were falling apart, then let pot cool some.  Threw it all into a food processor and blended until smooth.  Returned to pot, added spices.  Adding water until it was at the desired consistency.  I couldn’t stop taking “tastes” ahahahaha it’s basic but so delicious.

Picture 037

I’ll probably have one of these guys with a glass of Chocolate Almond Milk in a bit for dessert.

Picture 038




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6 responses to “My First Time..

  1. Oooo I wish we had cool organic restaurants around here, glad you enjoyed it!!

    That bowl of oatmeal look fantastic, as do all of your groceries…haha my food bill adds up soo fast too!

    Have a nice night!

  2. I love those PC potato chips ❤
    Great eats, and yum!

  3. Hey hey hey!!

    Ohh…the CREAMY soup looks perfectly yummy =))

    And sooo many great interesting things you’ve bought!! =)) YAY for SHOPPING/and FOOD SHOPPING especially hah =P!!

    Vegetarian restaurant!!! Ohh I wish it would be one here where I live …but well,it won’t probably happen in the NEXT 100 years haha!!!!! =PP
    Enjoy it for me!!!!

    Hope you’re doing good!!

    Hope to see you sometime on my blog =)))


  4. your vegetarian meal sounds wonderful! i love finding new restaurants to try 🙂

    yum, and i love both of your homemade soups!

    p.s how did you like the caramel apple snack bars?

  5. love your homade soup. and pbj oats! yum
    how are those snack bars,i was going to get the same brande but a different flavor?

  6. sammyss

    Brooke/Maya- That flavor is really good! The snicker doodle cookies by them are the best though 🙂

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