Alfalfa Sprouts and Sponge Sugar

Random, yes, I just heard that on King of the Hill.  It’s really hard to think of titles for posts.  Yesterday was a busy day.  I woke up and made some green tea, and then a waffle sammie- 2 Lifestream organic flax waffles, PB, drizzle of maple syrup and a sliced banana.  Then me and pa headed to the market, and the only goodies I bought were some organic brussel sprouts, and a soy cappuccino. 

Picture 001

Then we went to a grocery store, and I found soy NOG!  Success.  I’ve seen on some blogs the candy-cane flavor, which would be super-good too.

Picture 013

I snacked on a Banana Larabar when I got back, and an apple, then went to a craft store, to buy supplies for Christmas gifts I’m making. 

Picture 003

Picture 011

For supper I made a quick “BLT” using Yves bacon slices, Ezekial bread, veganaise, romaine and tomato, after we got back from the Santa Clause Parade!  Yay, the holidays kick-off.  Dessert was a couple Country Choice Organic Sandwich Cremes and coffee, which I actually ate before supper during the parade hehe.  And later on during the night, a couple dates stuffed with PB.

Picture 005

This morning I made up a pot of oats the usual way, and topped it again with the most delicious combo of PB, walnuts, agave, spoonful granola and organic blueberry+raspberry jam. 

Picture 004

In the afternoon a friend and I went to a spa, where she is a member, to their Customer Appreciation Party.  I got some nailpolish that’s free from the really bad chemicals like formaldehyde and toluene, and it’s vegan and not tested on animals!  And some natural sea salts for soaking.  And I won a facial!  And my friend won a “getaway” package at a Bed n’ Breakfast!  I was hungry when I got back so I had a bowl with some organic Liberte yogurt, gave, peanuts and cinnamon Puffins!!   

Picture 014

My bf got back from Halifax today, which is in another province, and he went to a vegetarian restaurant there where he picked me up some vegan cookies/square!  So exciting.  I wish we had those stores here ๐Ÿ˜ฆ  Yayyy for cookies.

Picture 008

He has no idea which types he bought, haha except I know the chocolate-chip one is heart-shaped.  For supper I made the Ginger Cashew Tofu from ED&BV, wholewheat couscous, steamed spinach in canola/s&p and pan-fried sweet potato strips.  This dinner was AMAZING!  Dreena is a genius.  At first I thought I made the sauce for the tofu wrong, it was really watery, but as soon as it had baked in the oven, it turned thick and creamy.  SO good.  I am waiting patiently for Gossip Girl to eat one of the cookies ๐Ÿ™‚  G’night.

Picture 009

Picture 019



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8 responses to “Alfalfa Sprouts and Sponge Sugar

  1. Can I come over sometime for some good eats? Hahah! Delicious!

    Those cookies look delicious. And I definitely wouldn’t mind a waffle! =)

    Great eats! Enjoy Gossip Girls! Isn’t that based on a book too? I think I saw my sister have lots of their books on her shelf…

  2. Heyooo Sammy!!

    It all looks sooo yummy!! =)) And the cookies!! What a great surprise from your bf !! =DD YAY!!

    Oh I LOVE buying VEGAN COSMATIC stuff!! It’s soo exciting to search for all the different PURE NATURAL cosmatics …and I always feel soo special using them hah!!=D

    Hope you’re enjoying the time (and the cookies!!)


  3. amazing eats..the waffles are making me hungry! everything else looks wonderful too!

  4. first off, let me just say that you make waffles look amazing. they look so crunchy!!

    second, i am obsessed with the ginger cashew tofu!!! i made it for myself and my friend (he absolutely hates tofu), but he couldn’t stop eating this.

    third, hoisin sauce is this asian sauce that kind of tastes like barbecue sauce, only spicier. you should definitely try it. i eat it with tofu all the time.

  5. i love the banana in the banana bread larabar picture

  6. wow your ginger tofu looks delicious! i must try this recipe soon ๐Ÿ™‚

    i love your plate of cookiess! and the soy nice!!! ive heard their soy milk is perfect.

  7. LARABAR!!! Oh, how I love thee. And…

    I JUST FOUND OUT THAT THE CINNAMON PUFFINS & PB PUFFINS ARE VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE, AND SOY-FREE!!! I purchased PB Puffins yesterday at Whole Foods, and canโ€™t wait to try them.

  8. Thanks for visiting my site! I like yours, so I’m adding you…
    mmmm, Ginger Tofu, hello beautiful!

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