Mmmmmedjool !

They are great, so great I had to name the post after them.

Breakfast yesterday was one of the banana-walnut-date muffins heated with a spread of Earth Balance and PB, and a cup of coffee with agave/vanilla soy milk.

Picture 021

For lunch I had my wrap I prepared the night before, using the ED&BV recipe for Goddess Garbanzos, minus all the optional ingredients, and added onion.  It tastes like a better version of tuna salad actually.  I scooped some sandwich mix in an Ezekial wrap, and topped it with tomato/romaine.  Oh, and a Royal Gala Apple.

Picture 017

Snack during coffee break at work was a Banana Bread Larabar.  Love these.

Picture 012

For supper it was vanilla tea, and  Tofu and Veggie Pot Pie purchased at a local cafe, who sells the meals by the same lady at the Farmer’s Market.  I added some mixed greens topped with balsamic/olive oil. 

Picture 016

Picture 015

Later on I headed to the grocery store, just to pick up a few things.  And there are Medjool Dates!  In Bulk fresh!  I remember I saw Veggie Girl say somewhere that the fresh ones are way better than dried, and they so are, filled with PB mmmm.  For dessert it was some Organic Country Choice Sandwich Creme’s.

Picture 018

Picture 019

Brekfast and lunch today were identical to yesterday.  I got home from work and had some more dates filled with PB, and two clementines.

Picture 022 

Supper was Snobby Joes on an Ezekial Hamburger Bun with some steamed baby spinach.  I made these in the summer and they were so good, but forgot to make them again.

Picture 023

My camera must be cruddy or something, because my food pictures always look a little….off.  haha, they just don’t translate the same as in real life.  Anyways, I’ma go do some laundry, and make oatmeal for breakfast.  Night 🙂



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11 responses to “Mmmmmedjool !

  1. I think they translate as: YUM!


    I’m soooo glad that you took my advice and went for the luscious, fresh medjool dates; and then stuffed them with PB!! HOLY YUM, for sure!!!

  3. that pot pie looks so good..!
    and dates and pb wow! my favorite,i love dates in oatmeal with pb in it!one of my favorite combos. great eats girly.

  4. i love dates and pb! perfect pair. and your breakfast muffin looks delicious! and so does everything else:)i love farmer maekets finds like that pot pie,must have tasted amazing!

  5. i love dates and pb! perfect pair. and your breakfast muffin looks delicious! and so does everything else:)i love farmer markets finds like that pot pie,must have tasted amazing!

  6. i swear, i eat copious amounts of dates today. maybe 10-12 every day haha!!! they taste even better than candy. i have had them with pb, but i will definitely try that as a pre-thanksgiving treat!

  7. mm, i really must use my vcon more… thanks for commenting! Are you a vegan? I’m impressed… it must be so hard.

  8. Don’t be silly, your photos look great! I love Medjool dates, but I’ve never had them with PB before. I’ll have to give that a try.

  9. that pot pie looks delicious! your farmers market sounds amazing!

    i made the goddess garbonzo beans a couple days ago and i forgot how great that recipe is 🙂

  10. Hi Sammy!!

    OH YEAH!!!!!! Dates ,FRESH DATES!!!!!!! PURE DELICIOUSNESS !! HEAVENLY!!! =D yum!!

    Joanna is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!! BETTER than CANDY for sure!!! =DDDD
    Enjoy them as much as yo can,Girl!!

    And your meals sound very yummy!! =))

    Enjoy your day!!


  11. sammyss

    Lida- I’m not vegan, vegetarian but I do avoid dairy/eggs really as much as possible 🙂

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