A Guilty Yabrak?

Heya, Thursday morning I got to try a Vega bar, along with a cup of coffee, which is made of really cool ingredients.  Kinda like a Larabar, actually.  I tried the chocolate type, which has sprouted flax seeds, agave nectar, almond butter, etc.  Created by an athlete actually. 

Picture 009 

Lunch was a PB/strawberry jam sandwich on Ezekial, paired with a Royal Gala apple.  And then after work I was hungry so I grabbed a handful of organic fruit and nuts trailmix.

 Picture 008

For dinner I had a curry in the slowcooker.  I created this concoction the night before, and wrote down on a cuecard what I had thrown in.  It tasted a little….off.  Something tells me it’s because I used a bag of organic frozen spinach, instead of the fresh baby spinach, what I wanted to add.  The Superstore is always out.  We paired this with brown rice, and mixed salad greens using balsamic vinegar and olive oil for the dressing.

Picture 001

Picture 012 Later on for something sweet, I made the Lemon Poppyseed Crackle Cookies from ED&BV.  I made these exactly as the recipe states, and they are SO good!  The pictures don’t do them any justice at all.  I served some to a couple people who dropped in today, and they really liked them.  I had two with a glass of Vanilla Rice Milk, and then had to have another one later 🙂

Picture 015

Picture 018 

Breakfast Friday morning was kinda rushed again, so I had the Banana Bread Larabar for the first time, with a mug of coffee and a Royal Gala apple. ..  YUM!  One of my favorites.    Lunch was a packed bowl of Amy’s Organic Veggie Chili, topped with some nutritional yeast cheese, a couple organic blue corn chips and two clementines.  Forgot a pic though.

 Picture 019

After work, since it is FREEZING out, went to a local coffee shop and picked up a soy cappuccino.  And then went to the same health food store that I broke the agave nectar.  I got two more banana Larabars, a coffee cocoa Jocolat, a packet of rice protein powder, and some Apple Mint Green Beaver Organic Lotion– this stuff is good, they use natural ingredients.  And I also noticed that one banana Larabar is called “Banana Cookie” and one is “Banana Bread,” strange.

Picture 004

 Picture 020 For dinner I went out with two friends.   I ordered the “Yabrak, minus meat” being rice/veggie-stuffed grape leaves, hummus drizzled with olive oil, Pita and rice.  It was a good meal, although usually I don’t have that much white flour-y stuff, like a white pita and white rice.  We stayed there for a while and talked.  Then we went home, and I had a couple more Lemon Poppyseed Crackle cookies with a glass of soy milk.  Around 3:30 at night I woke up and was so sick…  I’m assuming there was something with dinner that my body didn’t like, but I wonder what :S  And it was also snow-storming like crazy outside and thundering/lightning!  Anyways, didn’t get much sleep.

Picture 002 

When I woke up I took it easy with the eating, just having two clementines and some water, then later when I felt like eating I made a “BLT”….using Yves “bacon,” veganaise, tomato, s&p and romaine lettuce on toasted Ezekial bread, and a cup of much-needed coffee.

Picture 024

In the afternoon I made more cookies…..the same Lemon Poppyseed Crackle type and another recipe from ED&BV, the Jam-Print Cookies.  I brought a big plate of cookies to my family for this snowy day 🙂

Picture 027



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4 responses to “A Guilty Yabrak?

  1. Wow, great eats. The cookies are looking lovely! The Lemon Poppyseed ones look amazingly delicious! Great job baking!

  2. love that flavor lara bar. that curry looks delicious. great job baking those cookie they look yummy.

  3. Hi Sammy!!

    YES the cookies ARE awasome!! I used to make them a few times in the past and they were always delicious!!

    So sorry you got sick from eating out…=(( hope you’ll better now!!

    Enjoy your day!!!

  4. banana cookie larabar!? that sounds fantastic 🙂

    i love those lemon poppyseed cookies! so nice of you to make more for your family! i hope you are feeling better, it is no fun when you feel nauseous after dining out 😦

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