The drums, the drums, the drums

The wedding on Saturday was fun, and they ended up having a buffet which had veggie options.  Then for dessert there was a dairy-free option of apple crisp, because the bride is actually allergic to dairy.  They even brought over some soy milk for my coffee!  I had a couple cocktails πŸ˜‰ and by cocktails I mean beer hahaha.  Yesterday breakfast was an Ezekial english muffin with PB/Organic strawberry jam, and coffee with soy milk/agave.

Picture 016

Later for a snack I had the last of the watermelon.

Picture 019

For dinner I had defrosted veggie chili from the freezer, and had a bowl with some nutritional yeast cheeze sauce, avocado, tomatoes, Garden of Eatin’ corn chips.

Picture 020

Later with Gossip Girl I had the last two cookies and the last of the rice milk.

Picture 021

This morning for breakfast I had some green tea, an organic Gala apple and PB/Jam sandwich on Ezekial. 

Picture 022

My mom, dad and I went to the beach with the two dogs, and let them run.  We walked about 4 km’s so that was good.  They friggin love the beach.  On the way home I had a doughnut though eek.  I haven’t had one of those in a long time haha.  For dinner I had the leftover chili and nutritional yeast cheeze, with avocado and corn chips to dip.

Picture 023

I wanted to bake something tonight, but I had french class.  So I defrosted a piece of random cake my bf’s mom sent over the other night,along with a couple squares and another piece of cake….she told my bf there’s no dairy/eggs in them….hopefully he didn’t misunderstand.   I really don’t know what kind it is.

Picture 017

And I took a picture of my “basil plants” hahahaha if you can call them that.  It seems they’ve been at this size foreeevvvvvver.  I HOPE someday they grow πŸ™‚

Picture 018



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5 responses to “The drums, the drums, the drums

  1. i love chili + avocado! your lunches look delicious

    i always grow basil over the summer but i never thought of growing it indoors. i need to try that. but don’t forget to make fresh pesto!

  2. yum! avocado and chili. and those cookies and random piece of cake look yummy.:)

  3. Hey hey!!

    Your eats look divine…don’t mind the doughnut hah =P

    Well,I also hope for your basil plants !!=D They’ll grow for sure!! =)))

    If you have time pls visit my last post =DD

    Enjoy the day!!

  4. I’m glad you had food options at the wedding. And your mini-garden is adorable.

    In other news, you’ve been tagged by me! The details are in my latest post.

  5. Glad the wedding was fun!!

    Looooove your eats.

    Gossip Girl!! Amazing show.

    Gorgeous plants!! They’ll be full-grown in no time!! πŸ™‚

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