And I Even Bought a Dress!

Fridays= Relief.  The weekend can never come too soon.  Breakfast and lunch were the exact same as yesterday,minus cornbread.  Again for lunch, hunger didn’t even kick in until like 12:45.  Dinner was the last Amy’s California Burger, on an Ezekial Hamburger Bun with lettuce, tomato, ketchup and Veganaise.  I steamed up some spinach in canola oil with s&p, and some Sweet Potato Fries baked in Canola Oil, Cayenne pepper, s&p, Ground ginger.  I swear this is the best combo ever for sweet potato fries.

Picture 008

Picture 010

Dessert was two of the “You Got Chocolate in my Peanut Butter” cookies from ED&BV, and a glass of organic vanilla brown rice milk.

Picture 012

I think I’ll just do some laundry and watch Brooke Knows Best re-runs, I know, the Hogans are cheesy.  Tonight should be early to bed, tomorrow is a long day.  We have a wedding to go to, with pictures to be taken beforehand.  I have some snacks planned to bring with me just in case there’s no food in between:

Picture 013

This Larabar has chile’s in it.  Definitely different, but had to try it.  G’nite.



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4 responses to “And I Even Bought a Dress!

  1. SWEET POTATO FRIES!!! LARABAR!!! Two of my all-time favorites 😀

    Enjoy your evening!!

  2. i always love a veggie burger and sweet potato fries for dinner! and of course cookies, i am such a cookie monster!

    i hope you had a great time at the wedding!

  3. We had the same dessert and side dish last night! Unless this post wasn’t yesterday..I didn’t check the date. Anyway yes I agree sweet potato fries are little slices of heaven especially when they’re seasoned properly.

    Have fun at the wedding and enjoy that Larabar!

  4. Hey Sammy!!

    Yeah,great eats =)) And those fries look YUMMY!!

    Well…those COOKIES ARE DELICOUS =D I know it ,hve tried them many times =D

    Hope you’ll enjoy the wedding =))
    Wish you a freat time!!

    If you have time then you can visit my blog =))


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