Groceries and an Unpredictable Cookie

This morning I had the most filling combo that exists for brekkie.  An Ezekial English Muffin with PB/Organic Strawberry Jam, a Banana, and a mug of coffee.

Picture 001

12:45 rolled around and I still wasn’t hungry at work for lunch!!  This usually doesn’t happen haha.  I forgot a pic of lunch, but it was Maple Syrup Beans, organic cornbread muffin with Earth Balance, 2 clementines, and baby carrots.  I ended up only eating about half the beans, but I ate the rest.  For dinner I had defrosted a Veggie Lasagne that the bf’s mother had made for us.  I didn’t realize this one had goat cheese on it until I unwrapped it to go in the oven.  I’ve been trying to avoid all dairy as much as possible, but I was starving by that time.  It was kinda gross thinking about it while eating it… 🙂  Oh well.  The mixed green salad had a simple dressing of olive oil and balsamic vinegar tossed together.

Picture 002

Later on was grocery shopping, yay!  I’d say this is one of my favorite activities, if I go by myself it’s almost calming.  I love looking at all the great foods/snacks in the healthfood isles.  It’s fun to look at what other people buy for groceries, so here’s mine:

Picture 003

Picture 004

Picture 005

Then later I baked the “You got Chocolate in my PB cookies” from ED&BV, again subbed almond butter for PB, and applesauce for half the oil.  They turned out different AGAIN.  They always taste delicious though, no matter what.

Picture 006




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3 responses to “Groceries and an Unpredictable Cookie

  1. Love ALLLLLLL of your eats!! Yum!!

  2. i love those cookies! and amy’s black bean burritos! that is so neat they sell them in cananda and are written in french 🙂

  3. Hey hey!!

    Great great things…and ALL the goodies you’ve bought!!! OHH I think I’m starting to become jealous!! hah!! =PP Take me shopping to you!! =))

    As far as it goeas to your question, I used to eat pasta of course =)) But now I’m tryingto eat RAW all the time =))

    But I’m planning to go on 70-80% RAW in the future =)) So I’ll be eating pasta =))

    If you have time pls visit my new post =D

    Enjoy your weekend!!

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