The Beginning Of….

Something good or bad.  Today is Election Day!  I’m not even from the States but this is a huge day.  It could change the whole world!  Anyways,  breakfast yesterday was banana/dark chocolate/soy milk/flax/cinnamon steel cut oats, and a cup of coffee.

Picture 069

Lunch was a PB/organic strawberry jam sandwich on Ezekial bread, with an apple and baby carrots.

Picture 068

Dinner was steamed spinach, with some defrosted baked beans I made a while back, and a defrosted cornbread muffin with Earth Balance.  Yum.  I put like half a package of spinach into the pan, and it shrinks down to like 2 tbsp 😦

Picture 070

I made cuppercakes last night before my french class.  These are super-simple, healthy, and look pretty.  I saw this method on a food blog a few years ago.

Simple Chocolate Cupcakes

1 Pkg Chocolate Cake Mix (I used an Organic Brand)

1 Small Can Pumpkin

2/3 Cup Water


Preheat oven to 325 Degrees.  Grease muffin tin.  Mix all ingredients together, add into muffin tins.  Makes 12-14 large cupcakes.  Bake about 25 Minutes.  When you take them out of the oven, add the sprinkles… this way they don’t melt.  Enjoy 🙂

Picture 071

This morning for breakfast and lunch I had the exact same things as yesterday.  Supper was organic brown rice spaghetti, with organic spaghetti sauce and soy crumbles, garlic bread made with Ezekial, earth balance and garlic powder, and onion/green pepper with italian dressing roasted in the oven.

Picture 064



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4 responses to “The Beginning Of….

  1. your cakies look well nice ;D
    love your blogg

  2. Hey Sammy!!

    Yeah,I’m also not from the US but I spent the whole night watching CNN hah =)

    Obama is the new President!! =)) What do you think bout this fact..?? =D

    Your eats look great =)) Balanced and yumm!! =))
    Oh how I’d LOVE to get my hands on this EZEKIEL BREAD..!! =((

    If you have time pls visit my new post =))

    Enjoy the day!!

  3. i would love your frozen leftovers, your dinner looks great!

    thanks for the easy cupcake recipe! one question, do you taste the pumpkin with the chocolate?

  4. Peony- Thank you 🙂

    Agnes- I think it’s cool Obama got in, maybe a new perspective on things…what do you think?

    Brooke- There is a slight difference in taste haha, I wouldn’t say you can pinpoint it as pumpkin-y though.

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