Happy Halloween!

A little bit late haha.  Last night was fun, we went to a friend’s apartment, and then to a bar to see a Weezer and a GNR cover band.  I was a construction worker complete with a tool belt/tools.

Picture 022 

This morning me and dad went to the market, and chef Michael Smith was there!  He’s on the food network with his own show, and it’s actually filmed here, so I assume he was getting fresh ingredients for his cooking show.  He is actually promoting the idea of making our island completely organic, which I am ALL for.  Anyways,  I bought a soy cappuccino which I brought home and had with a bowl of pumpkin/banana/PB/Ezekial granola/raisins oatmeal which had an added spoon of PB.

Picture 027

I also purchased a slice of vegan cranberry-spelt walnut cake, and a package of vegan cabbage rolls!  Yum.  That lady is amazing. 

Picture 059

Picture 063

We are heading out to a dinner with my relatives at a cottage, so I am bringing the rolls with me to have.  Later on I had a big bowl of organic grapes with Dexter.

Picture 028



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3 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. Heyy Sammy..!!

    Glad to hear you managed to have fun tomorrow =)) that’s great..!!

    Ohhhhh this breakfast bowl looks delicious!! =))

    And all the vegan goodies…mmmmm mmm!!

    Well…if you have time pls visit my NEW post… I’m posting bit more bout Polish celebrations.. heh =))

    Have fun today!!

  2. Hey Sammy!!

    How was your day ?? =))

    Hope to see your new post soon!! =DD

    If you’d like pls visit my new one..=))

    Enjoy the time!!!!

  3. That’s cool you got to see a famous person!

    Yummy food, the grapes look particularly decadent.

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