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Alfalfa Sprouts and Sponge Sugar

Random, yes, I just heard that on King of the Hill.  It’s really hard to think of titles for posts.  Yesterday was a busy day.  I woke up and made some green tea, and then a waffle sammie- 2 Lifestream organic flax waffles, PB, drizzle of maple syrup and a sliced banana.  Then me and pa headed to the market, and the only goodies I bought were some organic brussel sprouts, and a soy cappuccino. 

Picture 001

Then we went to a grocery store, and I found soy NOG!  Success.  I’ve seen on some blogs the candy-cane flavor, which would be super-good too.

Picture 013

I snacked on a Banana Larabar when I got back, and an apple, then went to a craft store, to buy supplies for Christmas gifts I’m making. 

Picture 003

Picture 011

For supper I made a quick “BLT” using Yves bacon slices, Ezekial bread, veganaise, romaine and tomato, after we got back from the Santa Clause Parade!  Yay, the holidays kick-off.  Dessert was a couple Country Choice Organic Sandwich Cremes and coffee, which I actually ate before supper during the parade hehe.  And later on during the night, a couple dates stuffed with PB.

Picture 005

This morning I made up a pot of oats the usual way, and topped it again with the most delicious combo of PB, walnuts, agave, spoonful granola and organic blueberry+raspberry jam. 

Picture 004

In the afternoon a friend and I went to a spa, where she is a member, to their Customer Appreciation Party.  I got some nailpolish that’s free from the really bad chemicals like formaldehyde and toluene, and it’s vegan and not tested on animals!  And some natural sea salts for soaking.  And I won a facial!  And my friend won a “getaway” package at a Bed n’ Breakfast!  I was hungry when I got back so I had a bowl with some organic Liberte yogurt, gave, peanuts and cinnamon Puffins!!   

Picture 014

My bf got back from Halifax today, which is in another province, and he went to a vegetarian restaurant there where he picked me up some vegan cookies/square!  So exciting.  I wish we had those stores here 😦  Yayyy for cookies.

Picture 008

He has no idea which types he bought, haha except I know the chocolate-chip one is heart-shaped.  For supper I made the Ginger Cashew Tofu from ED&BV, wholewheat couscous, steamed spinach in canola/s&p and pan-fried sweet potato strips.  This dinner was AMAZING!  Dreena is a genius.  At first I thought I made the sauce for the tofu wrong, it was really watery, but as soon as it had baked in the oven, it turned thick and creamy.  SO good.  I am waiting patiently for Gossip Girl to eat one of the cookies 🙂  G’night.

Picture 009

Picture 019



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Mmmmmedjool !

They are great, so great I had to name the post after them.

Breakfast yesterday was one of the banana-walnut-date muffins heated with a spread of Earth Balance and PB, and a cup of coffee with agave/vanilla soy milk.

Picture 021

For lunch I had my wrap I prepared the night before, using the ED&BV recipe for Goddess Garbanzos, minus all the optional ingredients, and added onion.  It tastes like a better version of tuna salad actually.  I scooped some sandwich mix in an Ezekial wrap, and topped it with tomato/romaine.  Oh, and a Royal Gala Apple.

Picture 017

Snack during coffee break at work was a Banana Bread Larabar.  Love these.

Picture 012

For supper it was vanilla tea, and  Tofu and Veggie Pot Pie purchased at a local cafe, who sells the meals by the same lady at the Farmer’s Market.  I added some mixed greens topped with balsamic/olive oil. 

Picture 016

Picture 015

Later on I headed to the grocery store, just to pick up a few things.  And there are Medjool Dates!  In Bulk fresh!  I remember I saw Veggie Girl say somewhere that the fresh ones are way better than dried, and they so are, filled with PB mmmm.  For dessert it was some Organic Country Choice Sandwich Creme’s.

Picture 018

Picture 019

Brekfast and lunch today were identical to yesterday.  I got home from work and had some more dates filled with PB, and two clementines.

Picture 022 

Supper was Snobby Joes on an Ezekial Hamburger Bun with some steamed baby spinach.  I made these in the summer and they were so good, but forgot to make them again.

Picture 023

My camera must be cruddy or something, because my food pictures always look a little….off.  haha, they just don’t translate the same as in real life.  Anyways, I’ma go do some laundry, and make oatmeal for breakfast.  Night 🙂


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Just a Sparkle

Breakfast was really good this morning, just your basic oatmeal using steel cut oats, water, lots of vanilla soy milk, vanilla, cinnamon, chopped banana, ground flax.  I topped it with agave, a scoop of PB, walnuts, granola and another scoop of raspberry jam.  And a cup of coffee  with soy milk/agave of course. 

Picture 001 

Lunch was some leftover curry, and Indian Rice Pilaf, with a Royal Gala Apple.

Picture 003

After work I had a snack of clementines/green tea, and not pictured a couple dates spread with PB.  Then I headed to the rentals to walk the dogs, where I had some cracked black pepper cashews- Yum!

Picture 004

Dinner was Mac Un-Cheese with some steamed broccoli.   Delicious.

Picture 002

For dessert I had one of each types of cookies- the Jam Print and Lemon Poppyseed Crackle.

 Picture 006

Skipping my french class-oops, I decided it would be nice to wake up to muffins for brekkie, so I made these- Banana-Date-Walnut Muffins.  I had one fresh out of the oven with some Earth Balance, these are to die for!  So good 🙂 The bf even agrees.

Picture 008

Picture 011 

I’m currently reading “I am Charlotte Simmons”…which I saw someone in blogland say was “an amazing book you can’t put down” and decided to get it.  I never went off to College (welll, University here), haha so I get to live vicariously through the main character :p   Really starting to get into it though.  Anyways, boring I know.  Off to read, G’night!


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A Guilty Yabrak?

Heya, Thursday morning I got to try a Vega bar, along with a cup of coffee, which is made of really cool ingredients.  Kinda like a Larabar, actually.  I tried the chocolate type, which has sprouted flax seeds, agave nectar, almond butter, etc.  Created by an athlete actually. 

Picture 009 

Lunch was a PB/strawberry jam sandwich on Ezekial, paired with a Royal Gala apple.  And then after work I was hungry so I grabbed a handful of organic fruit and nuts trailmix.

 Picture 008

For dinner I had a curry in the slowcooker.  I created this concoction the night before, and wrote down on a cuecard what I had thrown in.  It tasted a little….off.  Something tells me it’s because I used a bag of organic frozen spinach, instead of the fresh baby spinach, what I wanted to add.  The Superstore is always out.  We paired this with brown rice, and mixed salad greens using balsamic vinegar and olive oil for the dressing.

Picture 001

Picture 012 Later on for something sweet, I made the Lemon Poppyseed Crackle Cookies from ED&BV.  I made these exactly as the recipe states, and they are SO good!  The pictures don’t do them any justice at all.  I served some to a couple people who dropped in today, and they really liked them.  I had two with a glass of Vanilla Rice Milk, and then had to have another one later 🙂

Picture 015

Picture 018 

Breakfast Friday morning was kinda rushed again, so I had the Banana Bread Larabar for the first time, with a mug of coffee and a Royal Gala apple. ..  YUM!  One of my favorites.    Lunch was a packed bowl of Amy’s Organic Veggie Chili, topped with some nutritional yeast cheese, a couple organic blue corn chips and two clementines.  Forgot a pic though.

 Picture 019

After work, since it is FREEZING out, went to a local coffee shop and picked up a soy cappuccino.  And then went to the same health food store that I broke the agave nectar.  I got two more banana Larabars, a coffee cocoa Jocolat, a packet of rice protein powder, and some Apple Mint Green Beaver Organic Lotion– this stuff is good, they use natural ingredients.  And I also noticed that one banana Larabar is called “Banana Cookie” and one is “Banana Bread,” strange.

Picture 004

 Picture 020 For dinner I went out with two friends.   I ordered the “Yabrak, minus meat” being rice/veggie-stuffed grape leaves, hummus drizzled with olive oil, Pita and rice.  It was a good meal, although usually I don’t have that much white flour-y stuff, like a white pita and white rice.  We stayed there for a while and talked.  Then we went home, and I had a couple more Lemon Poppyseed Crackle cookies with a glass of soy milk.  Around 3:30 at night I woke up and was so sick…  I’m assuming there was something with dinner that my body didn’t like, but I wonder what :S  And it was also snow-storming like crazy outside and thundering/lightning!  Anyways, didn’t get much sleep.

Picture 002 

When I woke up I took it easy with the eating, just having two clementines and some water, then later when I felt like eating I made a “BLT”….using Yves “bacon,” veganaise, tomato, s&p and romaine lettuce on toasted Ezekial bread, and a cup of much-needed coffee.

Picture 024

In the afternoon I made more cookies…..the same Lemon Poppyseed Crackle type and another recipe from ED&BV, the Jam-Print Cookies.  I brought a big plate of cookies to my family for this snowy day 🙂

Picture 027


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Make a new Plan Stan

Yesterday for breakfast was a leftover bowl of pumpkin oats from Sunday, made with steel cut oats, rice milk, vanilla, cinnamon, banana, pumpkin, sprinkled with flax and pumpkin seeds, a spoonful of PB and a cup of coffee.  It’s a good thing that bowl was in the fridge, the morning was really rushed.

Picture 082

Lunch was a pb/strawberry jam sandwich on Ezekial, a Royal Gala Apple and a Mocha Soymilk “Juicebox.”  The mocha kind is reallllly good, especially if you like coffee 🙂

Picture 072

For dinner I defrosted a serving of Three Sisters Casserole, with brussel sprouts roasted in canola oil, s&p and cayenne and more side salad with Annie’s Goddess Dressing. 

Picture 074

Then it was french class for 3 hours, where I think it was after calling attendance, the teacher like serenaded the class with a french song I assume was called “Samantha”….haha, oh dear.  Then he continued with making me pronounce the word “peigne” about 20 times, which at the end I still didn’t get.  Annnyways, soon as I got home I made cupcakes!  These were the chosen ones.  Pretty simple, I subbed in organic Kamut flour, and 2 tbsp of canola oil and 3 tbsp unsweetened applesauce, instead of using margarine.   For the icing I mixed together approximately:

1/4 C Warmed Earth Balance

Tsp Vanilla

2 Tbsp Natural Creamy PB

1.5 C Powdered Sugar

2 Tbsp Vanilla Soy Milk

I guess they’re all estimations, but that’s about it.  I had many a taste.  I enjoyed one of these with a glass of Yu Vanilla Basmati Rice Milk while watching an episode of Sons of Anarchy….and might have had a second one also.

Picture 077

 Picture 081

Breakfast this morning was oat bran cooked with frozen blueberries, drizzled with agave, topped with slivered almonds, cinnamon and a cup of coffee.

Picture 080

Lunch was an Amy’s Burrito, 2 clementines and another Mocha Soymilk “Juicebox.”  The aluminum Bios bottle I’ve been bringing my water in to work with was truly starting to gross me out.  There were like flecks of metal or something coming off the bottle and leaching into the water…sick.  Hahaha a guy at work took a swab of the weirdness to look at it under the microscope.  So I went after work and got a Klean Kanteen. 

Picture 079

Supper was the last bean burger, on an Ezekial bun, topped with Nutritional yeast cheeze, onions/mushrooms grilled in canola oil and organic ketchup, sweet potato fries topped with cinnamon/cayenne/s&p/canola, and the last couple brussel sprouts.  Looks kinda gross, but it was very good!

Picture 071

Dessert was another cupcake and mug of green tea.  Best be off for my weekly meeting with Gregory House!


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Ramble On

Breakfast yesterday was some more oat bran with banana and rice milk, spoonful of PB and pumpkin seeds, along with a cup of coffee.

Picture 050 

Lunch was a packed Amy’s Black Bean Burrito and an apple.

Picture 045

After work before walking the dogs I had a Cherry Pie Larabar. 

Picture 051

Dinner was a romaine lettuce salad with Amy’s Goddess Dressing and a serving of Veggie Spaghetti Casserole, it had beans and little pieces of tofu in it.  Last night my bf and I went to Classic Albums Live with my parents.  It’s a group of people who perform albums note for note, no cheesy costumes or anything.  They did Led Zeppelin IV- it was amazing.  I love me some Led Zeppelin, I hope someday they perform one more time  all together somewhere close 🙂

 Picture 052

Picture 054

This morning me and my pa went to the Farmer’s Market.  I picked up a tofu scramble which came with a vegan cornbread muffin, a slice of vegan Cranberry-Spelt Walnut Crumble Cake, and some organic brussel sprouts. Then I got a soy cappuccino to go.  I enjoyed these at home while watching True Blood- good show!  Anything HBO is good.

Picture 067

Later on I got to try a Jocolat Larabar!!!!  I was so excited to find these at a small health food store last night before the show…they had the mint and orange kind, and also Banana Bread Larabars!!  Huge klutz over here though, they had large bottles of Agave nectar, so I picked one up and it fell on the ground, snapping the top off.  Eek.  Anyways, I tried the mint today-

Picture 068

Supper was defrosted broccoli soup, with some olive oil added, served with our homemade Spelt bread, and half chocolate almond milk, half vanilla rice milk.

Picture 070

Then two clementines.  Dessert was the slice of vegan Cranberry-Spelt Walnut Crumble Cake and a cup of green tea.




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Who Knew Bread Could be Easy?

This morning I had something different for breakfast.  It was Bob’s Red Mill Oat Bran.  I cooked up a pot, adding in a banana for a creamier texture.  I served it with a spoon of pb and some granola.  Also a cup of coffee with rice milk/agave.  It’s sorta like oatmeal.

Picture 037

For lunch I had packed a bowl of maple syrup baked beans from a can, and an apple.  After work I went over to my parents, so me and mom could make some bread.  It was super simple…you just toss all the ingredients in the breadmaker, and it does all the work.  While it was cooking, I took my dog Axl for a walk.  We actually used our own recipe we made up.  We knew it would turn out kinda funny looking, because of using Spelt flour.  Here’s what we added:

Organic Molasses Spelt Bread

1.25 Cups Water
Tbsp Unsulfered Fancy Molasses
2 Tbsp Ground Flax
2 Tbsp Canola Oil
Tbsp Organic Honey (or could have used Agave instead)
1 Tsp Salt
1.25 Tsp Bread Machine Yeast
3.25 Cups Organic Spelt Flour

Different top, but tasted delicious.

Picture 038

Picture 039

I had a tub of squash soup thawing, so when I got home I reheated it, and served it drizzled with olive oil and ground pepper, and a slice of my bread with Earth Balance.  Such a good supper for a cold day, and I went back for seconds of course haha.

Picture 040

After dinner I decided to bake cookies.  Yay!  Here is what I concocted:

Sam’s Random Cookies

1/8 Cup Shredded Coconut
1 Cup Spelt Flour
1 Tsp Baking Powder
1/4 Tsp Baking Soda
1/4 Cup Organic Evaporated Cane Juice
1/3 Cup Non-Dairy Chocolate Chips
1/2 Cup Organic Roasted Peanuts
1/4 Cup Maple Syrup
2 Tbsp Natural PB
2 Tsp Vanilla Extract
1/4 Cup Unsweetened Applesauce
Organic Powdered Sugar
1/4 Tsp Cinnamon & Dash Salt

Preheat oven to 350 Degrees.  Throw everything in a bowl (except choc. chips, peanuts and coconut) and mix.  Then fold in chocolate chips, peanuts and coconut.  Drop into 8 large spoonfuls on a greased pan or parchment paper-covered pan, sprinkle with powdered sugar, and bake for 12 minutes if you want soft cookies, about 14-ish minutes for a crispier cookie ( I guess depending on your oven).

Picture 041

They turned out pretty decent actually, and moist for having no oil.  I had two of these with a glass of Organic Vanilla Basmati Rice Milk.  Good stuff.  My eyes are tired….. I might go read for a bit.  Night.

Picture 043


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