Guitar Hero

So yesterday morning I woke up and made a pot of pumpkin oats, and a pot of organic coffee.  This is the first time I’ve had it like fresh out of the pot, instead of being made and split into bowls the night before.  Yum.  I topped my oatmeal with organic granola and organic PB.


After breakfast I had some watermelon slices, which sadly aren’t around much after summer.

Picture 002

And later decided to make muffins, because I had frozen blueberries left, using this recipe.  The only things I changed were: using a whole cup of soy milk  because I didn’t have any coconut, and using organic brown rice syrup instead of the cane sugar in the muffins.  These turned out so well 🙂  It’s too bad it only makes 9 haha.

Picture 001

Picture 004

The bf bought Guitar Hero 2…so for an hour or so we played that!  It’s fun:) For dinner I baked some tofu with organic bbq sauce, cooked some brown rice pasta and added olive oil and basil, side salad topped with Amy’s Goddess Dressing, steamed spinach, and a scoop of three-bean salad.

Picture 006

Then me and my bf watched Scream and Hocus Pocus- I still think this is one of the best Halloween movies.

This morning a blueberry muffin was in order.  I had one of those with a cup of coffee, and then the leftover slices of watermelon.

Picture 008

Picture 009

Before I went checking out some Halloween costumes/getting my eyebrows waxed, I had an Apple Pie Larabar. 

Picture 010

Then for dinner I roasted some brussel sprouts  in canola oil, cayenne powder, s&p, defrosted the last bean burger, cooked up some brown rice pasta with olive oil and basil, and side salad with Goddess dressing.

Picture 013

I just got home from weekly french class, so I’m just gonna relax and have some Organic Dark Chocolate almonds and an apple with Gossip Girl!  Yayyy!  G’nite.



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4 responses to “Guitar Hero

  1. Andrea

    Those muffins look yummy, good work! I wonder if there is a way to create a good healthy recipe for those muffins called Morning Glory? Hmm. I hope its okay to comment since I do not have a blog myself….I figured it would be okay since I am dropping off compliments…..Tres bien!

  2. i love your gorgeous berry muffins! thank you for posting the link.

    one of my favorite quick pasta dinners is noodles, olive oil, garlic, and soy parmesan. good choice for a simple side dish!

  3. Andrea- it is not okay for you to comment. hahahaa Kidding silly. Didn’t Tim Hortons have those muffins?

    Brooke- Definately gonna try that pasta, anything garlic= amazing.

  4. Those muffins look amazing, and so healthy!

    I LOVE Hocus Pocus, definitely a fun Halloween movie!!

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