Just For Laughs

Last night was a lot of fun, which I needed after my rough work week.  We went out to dinner, and I got the veggie stirfry!  It was amazing, and presented so nicely.  I wanted to take a pic, but it was really busy at the restaurant haha.  Then we went to the Just For Laughs International comedy tour.  Sooo much fun.  Danny Boy from Scotland was hilarious (and super cute).


Today was a late breakfast of a waffle sandwich, made with flax waffles, PB, maple syrup and a banana, also a cup of organic coffee, with agave/soy milk.

Picture 001

I did some cleaning, finished up season 1 of Dexter, and went to a couple stores.  I picked up some treats.  Me and my bf were supposed to stay home and watch Halloween movies, and carve a pumpkin, but he forgot it was his uncle’s bachelor party tonight 😦  I had some dates and Organic Stash Christmas Green tea (amazing) when I stopped in at my parents.  For dinner I had a defrosted bean burger from the freezer with a slice of provolone cheese, ketchup, tomato, lettuce, steamed spinach, and homemade sweet potato fries, baked with canola oil, cinnamon, cayenne powder, s&p.

Picture 004 

The candy I bought was: Swedish fish, candy corn (gelatin-free), a couple mini bars for the bf, organic dark-chocolate covered almonds, and some organic potato chips.  Enjoy your Saturday night!

Picture 002

P.S.-  I took my tofurkey out of the fridge, and it had weird red mold growing on it, yuck!  Mind you I bought it like more than a month ago.  Did anyone else ever see that? 


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One response to “Just For Laughs

  1. Sammy!!

    The food looks yummy!! Especially this BLACK BEAN BURGER mm mmm!! =)))

    Oh oh…and SO FUNNY-the candies and sweets!! Great fun for Saturday evening/night haha πŸ˜› !!

    Hope to see you on my blog soon =D Will wait!! πŸ˜€

    Enjoy the weekend!!!!!!!

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