Care For Some Veggie Buns?

Last night we had to go to a wake, so me and my bf went to his parents for dinner first.  His mom spent all last weekend cooking, and she sent us home with tonnnnnnns of frozen packages of food.  She made a bunch with meat for Ty, and a bunch without meat for me!  So nice of her.  And most of the ones for me have no dairy/eggs either, except a few have goat cheese she said.  Super excited, we couldn’t even fit all of them into the cooler, so she said when we run out we can get the rest haha.  Our freezer is STUFFED.

Picture 047

Picture 046

Picture 048

Also they live in the country, so his dad has a “pet fox”.  It’s been coming right up to the door every night, waiting to be fed, because he’s been feeding it dog food.  He named it Benji, but my bf’s brother and mom keep telling him it’s bad to do it, because it will continue to come expecting food every night.  He came like clockwork last night- SO CUTE. 

This morning for breakfast I had pumpkin oatmeal, PB, and an organic coffee with agave and soy milk.

Picture 022

Lunch was thrown together, it was bean salad with brown rice, and an apple.  I forgot to take a pic though.  For dinner tonight, me and my friend went to a tea house, and they don’t use any meat in any of their dishes.  My friend really, really didn’t like any of the food though.  But at least she gave it a try.  I got the veggie sushi, and veggie bun.  I don’t know what kind of bread they use with these things, but they’re amazing.  The bun has veggies, sauce and I think bean curd?  in them.

Picture 051

This picture is staged, hahaha I ate a whole bunch of my food already, and forgot a pic, so she gave me some of hers that she didn’t want.  I’m gonna go catch up on the episode of House I missed last night!



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7 responses to “Care For Some Veggie Buns?

  1. I never thought of putting agave in coffee.

    I’m glad you liked the restaurant, even though you’re friend didn’t. Is she an avid omni, is that why?

  2. Aw that’s really sweet of your bf’s mom, that freezer is definitely stocked for a while!

    Yay for House, hope you like it! 🙂

  3. Josie- It’s really good in coffee! Yeah she likes her meat haha. It’s actually the only vegetarian restaurant on this island 🙂

    Jenn- Good episode!

  4. Hey !! =))

    WoooW a great surprise with all the goodies you got !! Yay for good people who care for us hah 😀

    Well,well….and the Veggie Bun sounds pretty interesting … I made sth like this in the past…with bean curd!! 😀 Tasty..!!

    I’d be happy for a your visit on my blog Sammy =DD

    Have a great time!!

  5. my freezer always seems to fill up too! but at least you have meals already prepared, that was so nice of your boyfriends mother!

    your sushi and veggie bun look delicious!

  6. Hooray for a stocked freezer! 🙂

  7. Andrea

    Sam!! It’s me..I thought I would comment because I actually did like the rice and the veggie bun was ok – I haven’t quite decided about that one. The sushi was what I didn’t like, mainly because of the seaweed….We should have taken a picture of my little gnome bell..

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