Hit The Trails

This morning I was in a rush, so I had some Panda Puffs– peanut butter organic cereal YUM, with soy milk and sliced bananas, and a strong cup of coffee. 

Picture 042

Lunch consisted of a hummus-spinach-sundried tomato mixture on Ezekial, which I saw on Trust My Intuition, and Sweet Eats, and knew it must be tried.  The sundried tomatoes tasted a litttttttttttle funny on there to me haha. 

Picture 036

After work I had a handful of trail mix, and then went for a walk with my dog and the puppy on a trail around my parent’s house.  The puppy is a cute little devil, and she jumps like a rabbit when we go walking.  She jumps, instead of walking.  Seriously.  Anyways…dinner was pretty late….I guess our walk went long.  It was leftover veggie chili, Garden of Eatin Corn Chips, nutritional yeast cheese, romaine lettuce and tomatoes.  Does anyone else find that “nooch” cheeze is kind-of addictive? 

Picture 043

Dessert is more Country Choice sandwich cookies, with some green tea. 

Picture 044



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2 responses to “Hit The Trails

  1. Hey Sammy!!!

    Great eats today,really really like it very much!! 😀

    Oh YES!!! The nooch cheese IS ADDICTIVE!!!!!! 😀 I can tell you that!! =DD

    But it’s Goood 😀

    How is yor day??

    I’d be so happy for a comment from you on my new post 😀

    Hope for your vitsit =D

    Enjoy the time!!

  2. either you love or hate ny cheese – i love it!

    and your dinner! yum, i have never tried chili with ny cheese sauce!

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