Can’t have your cake and eat it too….

Soooo the last two days weren’t so good, I didn’t take any pics.  The guys at my work went on strike, so I stayed home yesterday.  This is not good news… I’m being placed at another location for now, but they can picket there too.  Oh the politics.  But yesterday my products I ordered online came yayy.  It’s a few things from 100% Pure, which literally the ingredients are ALL things you know- fruits, teas, flowers, etc.  No weird chemical things you can’t pronounce, and most of the ingredients are organic too. 

Picture 032

Anyways, this morning I went to the market, and guess what I found!  A lady there makes some vegetarian/vegan meals, and she uses mostly organic ingredients.  I am such a nerd, this excited me endlessly.  I ended up taking home a piece of “Walnut Cranberry Crumble Cake“, which said on the sign that it was vegan.  It smells super buttery though, haha so I wonder what she used to make it.  It will be my dessert.  I also picked up some organic brussel sprouts and green peppers.  Oh and a soy cappaccino!  Love those.   I had an orange before leaving, then got home and made another waffle sandwich with 2 flax plus waffles, banana, PB and maple syrup.

Picture 028

Picture 029

I watched a couple episodes of Dexter, then went over to walk my doggie and the puppy with my mom and dad.  Later on I went to the mall, to pick up a couple dressier shirts for where I’m going to be working, where I was previously I could wear jeans and a hoodie πŸ™‚  I got home and heated up some of the Veggie chili my mom made for me, and threw on some nutritional yeast cheese mmmm, and had some organic corn chips to dip.

Picture 030

Picture 031

From looking at my pictures I am seriously lacking in the vegetable department today haha.  Night!



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3 responses to “Can’t have your cake and eat it too….

  1. HelooO!! =))

    Great to see a post from you again :))

    Great eats, sound delicious and ..make me hungry even though I ate breakfast an hour ago…!! :DD

    Well,well,,,I remember you’ve asked me what part of Poland I come from…=) So I live in the south-west Poland , bout 120 km from WROCLAW… well…it’s close to the German border :))

    We’ve got quite a big mountain chain here.. KARKONOSZE….:))

    Well…just come to visit me some day πŸ˜€
    (in Poland !! =D)

    Would you like to take a look at my new post from yesterday..?? :))
    OH !! And WHAT”S WITH THE EXCHANGE..??! Are we going to do it or..?? πŸ˜€

    Let me know …pls =))

    And enjoy the weekend!! (Georgous weather here agian and yours…?? :D)


  2. Fabulous foods! I especially love the little lonely orange and the nooch cheese!

  3. Agnes- I was actually traveling in the UK in July, and I wanted to go to other countries too, but I ran short of cash pretty quickly haha. I’d like to do the exchange maybe in a month or so? Right now my work is on strike so I don’t know what’s going to happen.
    Josie- haha I thought the orange looked pretty lonely too. I always wondered what nooch was, now I know!

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