Lotsa Orange

Me and the bf slept in today, and it was niiceee.  I decided to make the Pecan-Crusted French Toast from the Skinny Bitch girls.  It didn’t look pretty, but it was really good!  I used Ezekial bread so since the bread was kinda frozen, it took a while to cook them in the pan.  Later on I had an apple, and some organic fruit/nut mix.

Picture 017

Picture 010

Picture 011

What a freakishly large hand haha! Didn’t really do much all day.  Dinner was some left-overs from last night.  It looks like a big orange plate of mush, but it was really good I promise!  I also baked some more “You Got Chocolate In My Peanut Butter” Cookies, from ED&BV..subbed in almond butter though.  This time they look a little bit more like cookies.  And I cooked up a pot of pumpkin/banana oats for my breakfasts the next couple days.  I’ll probably have a couple of cookies while I watch Gossip Girl tonight, just to taste test 🙂

Picture 012

Picture 015

Picture 014



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6 responses to “Lotsa Orange

  1. Heyyy !!

    Thank you SO much for your comment on my blog…!! :-))

    Cookies…mmm!! Leftovers can be delicious too, am I right..?? 😛 Well… pumpkin oats are so autumn-y !! :-DD Keep on blogging I like it!!!!

    I’d be SOOO glad to see a comment …from YOU 🙂 on my new post from yesterday!! 😀 Hope you’ll enjoy it!!

    Have a great time!!

  2. That french toast certainly is pretty and I love the plate you served it on, very classy!

  3. Such a lovely plate of French toast, batch of cookies (when I made those, I subbed in almond-butter as well; and carob for the chocolate! 😀 ), and pot of oats! Yum!

    Gossip Girl = amazing.

  4. Ohh !! I forgot !! You asked me if I have lived in Poland for all my life…well…actually yes.. :] just in my first 2-3 years of life I used to live in Germany .. but now …just Poland for now..but we’ll see how it’s gonna be in the future!! For exemple next year when I HAVE TO choose my study destination..!! Ahh I’m SCARED : well..!!

  5. Oh, those cookies=amazingness! I must find some time for baking one of these days!

  6. your thanksgiving leftovers looks delicious! (leftovers the next day are my favorite!)

    and i love those cookies from ed&bv. they are too die for!

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