I’m No Turkey

Tonight we had our Thanksgiving dinner, technically it’s not until tomorrow but everyone was available tonight.  I ended up doing baking/cooking yesterday, and reheating everything today.  I made a dairy-free pumpkin pie with a kamut-flour crust I made:

Picture 004

 Picture 005

And then I made two trays of this Curry-stuffed Acorn Squash, pardon the disgusting pan

Picture 006

And also this casserole which everyone liked a lot, but I forgot to take a picture of 😦


This morning I had a waffle sandwich with Pomegranate waffles, PB, banana and maple syrup with a cup of coffee.  And then for lunch was some quick guacamole, organic crackers and pineapple with some lemon green tea.

Picture 007

 Picture 009

Dinner was amazing.  My mom’s best friend brought tabouli, and there was also DELICIOUS crispy baked brussel sprouts, nutritional yeast gravy, carrots, rolls, sweet potato/pecan dish, mashed potatoes, turnip puff and then the two dishes I brought.  Then the pumpkin pie, with a scoop of Purely Decadent soy icecream.  I am stuffed.



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8 responses to “I’m No Turkey

  1. i love your fun menu! i am already planning ahead for thanksgiving too so i’m searching for recipes. what pie recipe did you use? ive never made a vegan pumpkin pie, but i want to try this year.

  2. Hey hey!!

    Nice pie recipe!! I’ve always wanted to try a Pumpkin Pie…!! Here in Europe it’s not that popular , sadly 😦 Pls give me a sample haha!! Well,well,you’re eats look pretty delicious 😀 kepi it going!!

    I’ve just started my own blog, I’d be so happy to see a comment from you!! Pls visit me on


    Have a great day!!

  3. * keep it going

    (stupid mistake haha)

  4. It sounds like your menu was vegan! Is your whole family vegan?
    (Lucky!) 😉

  5. sammyss

    Brooke- I used this recipe- http://bunnyfoot.blogspot.com/2005/11/vegan-pumpkin-pie.html and used Kamut flour, but I definitely had to double the soy milk added to the crust lol. It was really not holding together. Everybody still liked it even without the butter/eggs etc.!

    Agnes- Realllllly no pumpkin pie!? If you’ve looked around a lot of the blogs, there’s tons of pumpkin going on haha. I’ll add you to my blogroll too!

    Josie- There was turkey and dressing, but I just didn’t eat it 🙂 That would be nice though! haha I’m actually not vegan either, but I try to avoid dairy as much as possible. There was lots of veggie options, which is great.

  6. thanks for the link to the recipe! i think i’ll do a trial before thanksgiving!

  7. trustmyintuition

    Everything looks great!! Love the pumpkin pie and wafflewich 🙂

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