5 Years and Counting

Hey!  Yesterday was 5 years since me and my boyfriend started dating, that is a LONG time.  We went to dinner, and I got a 6-inch greek flat crust pizza with a caesar salad.  Totally forgot sometimes they come with bacon, so I didn’t ask for them to leave it off 😦  Luckily it came in big pieces, so I just pushed it off.  The pizza was good though.  Then we went to Quarantine, Oh.my.god…it was scary.  I am a huge scary movie lover, and this one was gooooood.  I had a bowl of pineapple when I got home.  Here is the recipe for the slowcooker beans, modified from a pressure-cooker cookbook:


Boston Baked Beans


2 Cups Dried Beans (I used Navy beans and soaked them in water and 1 tbsp canola oil overnight)

3 Tbsp Brown Sugar

3 Tbsp Molasses

1 Tsp. Mustard Powder

1 small onion diced

1/4 Cup organic ketchup


Add the beans/water/oil they soaked in, and then throw in everything else… they take a LONG time in the slowcooker, about 8 hours on HIGH.


I have a lot of cooking to do today for our Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow.  Yayyy for a 3-day weekend!



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2 responses to “5 Years and Counting

  1. thank you for bean recipe!!! i love the simple ingredient list, they sound just like my mothers (only vegetarian). i can’t wait to make them!

  2. sammyss

    No problem 🙂 Yeah same! It’s mom’s recipe, minus pork and more molasses haha. Such comfort food.

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