Buyin Bulk

Yesterday evening I baked a batch of “You Got PB on My Chocolate Cookies”, from ED&BV, and they are friggin good, and funny-shaped.  Maybe they needed to be flattened some with a fork before baking. My boyfriend even gobbled some up. Dinner was leftovers made into a wrap, etc.  Subbed in was almond butter instead of PB, like on Sweet Eats.

Picture 078

Picture 079

This morning was my last bowl of Pumpkin Oats, and coffee.  Lunch was a tofurkey/avocado/tomato/veganaise sandwich on organic whole grain bread, with an apple. Dinner was a pot of baked beans, simmering in the slowcooker all day and then I made Cornbread Muffins to go with them! 

Picture 080

Picture 081

Picture 083

I needed a few things for some thanksgiving dishes I’m going to make this weekend, so I went to the bulk barn and picked up some goodies.  Flours, nuts, shredded coconut, raisins, tahini and some organic hemp granola.  Excited for ANTM tonight, they changed nights! 

Picture 084



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2 responses to “Buyin Bulk

  1. Brooke

    i had that sandwich combination the otherday for lunch (on an ezekiel tortialla) and it was delicious! i love anything with avocado.

    your cornbread muffins and baked beans look and sound wonderful! i will have to try beans in a slow cooker. did you use a recipe?

  2. Mmm yeah definitely anything with avocado is good. Thanks! I posted the slowcooker baked beans recipe! They take so long, but they’re worth it 🙂

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