Sad Day

This morning I woke up and had an orange, then went to the market with ma/pa and got some organic brussel sprouts, broccoli and tomatoes.  Oh and a soy cappuccino.  Then came home and started making pancakes with pears.  When I was in the kitchen I heard a loud noise, and came in here and looked out the window and a bird hit it and fell onto the ground.  I picked it up and put it on a little blanket, I think he was dead already though 😦  Really sad.  Then a couple more birds ended up hitting the window too, but they were OK.  I think the berries on the tree outside are screwing them up or something?

Picture 055

Then later I made dark chocolate-ginger scones.  And had one with green tea.

Picture 058

Picture 053

For dinner I made the “Paradise Casserole” I saw on a food blog, and it was amazing!  So pretty and fall-ish too.  Served with a nutritional yeast gravy and a salad.  I picked up my dog from my parent’s and he’s sleeping over for the night.  Me and the bf are going to watch Never Back Down. 

Picture 054

Picture 060



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2 responses to “Sad Day

  1. Terribly tragic about the bird 😦

    On a brighter note, those pancakes, scones, and the casserole look delicious!!

  2. sammyss

    Thank you πŸ™‚

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