And so it begins..

This morning I woke up kinda late, oops, so I was rushing and made a waffle sandwich with pomegranate waffles, pb, banana and maple syrup.  And coffee.  I am very clumsy in the mornings, well I guess in general, worse in mornings, and manage to usually spill at least one thing.  I gobbled it up while quickly checking out CNN.

Picture 042

For lunch I packed a frozen meal (Seitan and basmati rice), which was the first time I’ve tried Seitan, actually the only time I’ve seen it in a grocery store here, and an apple.  It was really good!  I love those little apples too, yay for mini Gala’s.  After work I had a small piece of toast with AB and jam with lemon green tea.

Picture 039

Picture 043

Dinner wasn’t until like 7:30, because I went for a long walk/run, and then did some weights.  It was really nice out too.  Supper was amazing, baked tofu (in a marinade of balsamic, soy sauce, honey, ginger and garlic), couscous with olive oil/garlic, steamed veggies, tomatoes, quick guacamole and nutritional yeast cheese sauce– love this stuff. My work voted last night to strike, well not me, but the men I work with, so soon things might be up in the air.  EEK.  ANTM is on soon, and I’ll have an amazing brownie, same recipe used last time.

Picture 044

Picture 045


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