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Sometimes Ya Gotta Laugh At Yourself…

Soooo I attempted to make the Vegan Ghosts, and Halloween Spider Cupcakes from here.  I was laughing the whole time because they look kinda wonky.  The recipe actually calls for finely shredded cocounut, and these ghosts are covered in the regular shredded.  She has so many amazing Halloween treats on her blog.  The good news, is that they both still taste very good.  Tonight we drove an hour to go see a Haunted Mansion, and it turns out it was closed!  We’re going to go Thursday instead.  So we carved our pumpkin, yayyy.  It’s pretty cute.  I’m gonna go watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. 

Picture 006

Picture 008

Picture 011



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Guitar Hero

So yesterday morning I woke up and made a pot of pumpkin oats, and a pot of organic coffee.  This is the first time I’ve had it like fresh out of the pot, instead of being made and split into bowls the night before.  Yum.  I topped my oatmeal with organic granola and organic PB.


After breakfast I had some watermelon slices, which sadly aren’t around much after summer.

Picture 002

And later decided to make muffins, because I had frozen blueberries left, using this recipe.  The only things I changed were: using a whole cup of soy milk  because I didn’t have any coconut, and using organic brown rice syrup instead of the cane sugar in the muffins.  These turned out so well 🙂  It’s too bad it only makes 9 haha.

Picture 001

Picture 004

The bf bought Guitar Hero 2…so for an hour or so we played that!  It’s fun:) For dinner I baked some tofu with organic bbq sauce, cooked some brown rice pasta and added olive oil and basil, side salad topped with Amy’s Goddess Dressing, steamed spinach, and a scoop of three-bean salad.

Picture 006

Then me and my bf watched Scream and Hocus Pocus- I still think this is one of the best Halloween movies.

This morning a blueberry muffin was in order.  I had one of those with a cup of coffee, and then the leftover slices of watermelon.

Picture 008

Picture 009

Before I went checking out some Halloween costumes/getting my eyebrows waxed, I had an Apple Pie Larabar. 

Picture 010

Then for dinner I roasted some brussel sprouts  in canola oil, cayenne powder, s&p, defrosted the last bean burger, cooked up some brown rice pasta with olive oil and basil, and side salad with Goddess dressing.

Picture 013

I just got home from weekly french class, so I’m just gonna relax and have some Organic Dark Chocolate almonds and an apple with Gossip Girl!  Yayyy!  G’nite.


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Just For Laughs

Last night was a lot of fun, which I needed after my rough work week.  We went out to dinner, and I got the veggie stirfry!  It was amazing, and presented so nicely.  I wanted to take a pic, but it was really busy at the restaurant haha.  Then we went to the Just For Laughs International comedy tour.  Sooo much fun.  Danny Boy from Scotland was hilarious (and super cute).


Today was a late breakfast of a waffle sandwich, made with flax waffles, PB, maple syrup and a banana, also a cup of organic coffee, with agave/soy milk.

Picture 001

I did some cleaning, finished up season 1 of Dexter, and went to a couple stores.  I picked up some treats.  Me and my bf were supposed to stay home and watch Halloween movies, and carve a pumpkin, but he forgot it was his uncle’s bachelor party tonight 😦  I had some dates and Organic Stash Christmas Green tea (amazing) when I stopped in at my parents.  For dinner I had a defrosted bean burger from the freezer with a slice of provolone cheese, ketchup, tomato, lettuce, steamed spinach, and homemade sweet potato fries, baked with canola oil, cinnamon, cayenne powder, s&p.

Picture 004 

The candy I bought was: Swedish fish, candy corn (gelatin-free), a couple mini bars for the bf, organic dark-chocolate covered almonds, and some organic potato chips.  Enjoy your Saturday night!

Picture 002

P.S.-  I took my tofurkey out of the fridge, and it had weird red mold growing on it, yuck!  Mind you I bought it like more than a month ago.  Did anyone else ever see that? 

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Care For Some Veggie Buns?

Last night we had to go to a wake, so me and my bf went to his parents for dinner first.  His mom spent all last weekend cooking, and she sent us home with tonnnnnnns of frozen packages of food.  She made a bunch with meat for Ty, and a bunch without meat for me!  So nice of her.  And most of the ones for me have no dairy/eggs either, except a few have goat cheese she said.  Super excited, we couldn’t even fit all of them into the cooler, so she said when we run out we can get the rest haha.  Our freezer is STUFFED.

Picture 047

Picture 046

Picture 048

Also they live in the country, so his dad has a “pet fox”.  It’s been coming right up to the door every night, waiting to be fed, because he’s been feeding it dog food.  He named it Benji, but my bf’s brother and mom keep telling him it’s bad to do it, because it will continue to come expecting food every night.  He came like clockwork last night- SO CUTE. 

This morning for breakfast I had pumpkin oatmeal, PB, and an organic coffee with agave and soy milk.

Picture 022

Lunch was thrown together, it was bean salad with brown rice, and an apple.  I forgot to take a pic though.  For dinner tonight, me and my friend went to a tea house, and they don’t use any meat in any of their dishes.  My friend really, really didn’t like any of the food though.  But at least she gave it a try.  I got the veggie sushi, and veggie bun.  I don’t know what kind of bread they use with these things, but they’re amazing.  The bun has veggies, sauce and I think bean curd?  in them.

Picture 051

This picture is staged, hahaha I ate a whole bunch of my food already, and forgot a pic, so she gave me some of hers that she didn’t want.  I’m gonna go catch up on the episode of House I missed last night!


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Hit The Trails

This morning I was in a rush, so I had some Panda Puffs– peanut butter organic cereal YUM, with soy milk and sliced bananas, and a strong cup of coffee. 

Picture 042

Lunch consisted of a hummus-spinach-sundried tomato mixture on Ezekial, which I saw on Trust My Intuition, and Sweet Eats, and knew it must be tried.  The sundried tomatoes tasted a litttttttttttle funny on there to me haha. 

Picture 036

After work I had a handful of trail mix, and then went for a walk with my dog and the puppy on a trail around my parent’s house.  The puppy is a cute little devil, and she jumps like a rabbit when we go walking.  She jumps, instead of walking.  Seriously.  Anyways…dinner was pretty late….I guess our walk went long.  It was leftover veggie chili, Garden of Eatin Corn Chips, nutritional yeast cheese, romaine lettuce and tomatoes.  Does anyone else find that “nooch” cheeze is kind-of addictive? 

Picture 043

Dessert is more Country Choice sandwich cookies, with some green tea. 

Picture 044


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Guiltless Rich

This morning I had two pieces of Ezekial toast with PB/Molasses and strawberry jam, and a banana, along with some organic coffee.  Later on I threw together some hummus.  It made a giant bowl!

Garlic Hummus

2 Cans Chickpeas

1/4 Cup Water

4 Cloves Garlic

2 Tbsp Tahini

1 Tbsp Olive Oil

Half lemon squeezed

2 Tsp Cayenne Powder

2 Tsp Cumin Powder


Combine all in a food processor and enjoy!

Picture 038

Picture 039

I had the last of some pineapple for snack.  Then later for dinner I sliced up some tofu and added some organic BBQ sauce- which I craved after seeing it on Josie’s blog, cooked some corn on the cob, brown rice, and a salad. Me and my bf watched REC while eating, which was really difficult actually.  REC is the Spanish version of Quarantine, where they got the idea for the movie.  It’s subtitled, so I was trying to concentrate on both at the same time haha.  I am now watching Gossip Girl and having some Country Choice Organic Sandwich Cookies. 

Picture 040

Picture 035

Picture 037


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Can’t have your cake and eat it too….

Soooo the last two days weren’t so good, I didn’t take any pics.  The guys at my work went on strike, so I stayed home yesterday.  This is not good news… I’m being placed at another location for now, but they can picket there too.  Oh the politics.  But yesterday my products I ordered online came yayy.  It’s a few things from 100% Pure, which literally the ingredients are ALL things you know- fruits, teas, flowers, etc.  No weird chemical things you can’t pronounce, and most of the ingredients are organic too. 

Picture 032

Anyways, this morning I went to the market, and guess what I found!  A lady there makes some vegetarian/vegan meals, and she uses mostly organic ingredients.  I am such a nerd, this excited me endlessly.  I ended up taking home a piece of “Walnut Cranberry Crumble Cake“, which said on the sign that it was vegan.  It smells super buttery though, haha so I wonder what she used to make it.  It will be my dessert.  I also picked up some organic brussel sprouts and green peppers.  Oh and a soy cappaccino!  Love those.   I had an orange before leaving, then got home and made another waffle sandwich with 2 flax plus waffles, banana, PB and maple syrup.

Picture 028

Picture 029

I watched a couple episodes of Dexter, then went over to walk my doggie and the puppy with my mom and dad.  Later on I went to the mall, to pick up a couple dressier shirts for where I’m going to be working, where I was previously I could wear jeans and a hoodie 🙂  I got home and heated up some of the Veggie chili my mom made for me, and threw on some nutritional yeast cheese mmmm, and had some organic corn chips to dip.

Picture 030

Picture 031

From looking at my pictures I am seriously lacking in the vegetable department today haha.  Night!


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