Today wasn’t that great of a day food-wise.  My bf’s mom dropped off McDonald’s in the morning for us, it was really nice that she remembered to get mine with no meat….I haven’t had McDonalds’s for so long.  She got me an Egg and Cheese McMuffin with hashbrown/coffee, but I left the hashbrown.

Picture 024

Picture 023

Then I had an apple and  an orange.  At lunchtime I made a Tofurkey sandwich, with extra cucumber on the side.  Later on I made a trip to a local coffee shop and got a Soy Cappuccino, yum, and then to Bulk Barn, and got some organic dried apricots, and organic gummy bears made without gelatin.  Which I snacked on also.  haha.

Picture 026

For dinner I baked an organic veggie pizza bought from Sobeys, they’re really good.  We finished season 4 of Weeds!  Omg!  It was very suspenseful.  I also had some Terra Vegetable chips which are delicious.  I also used the Spirooli thingie for my lunch tomorrow.  New kitchen gadgets are really exciting! Nerd, I know.  Tail end of a hurricane tomorrow?  Night.

Picture 027


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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Don’t worry I’m a nerd with kitchen gadgets too! I am in heaven in kitchen department stores. haha

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