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Yesterday the spiral slicer I ordered online came!  You can make vegetable spaghetti, and garnishes!  I’m super excited.  Breakfast was the last of the pumpkin oats and coffee.  For my lunch I packed an Amy’s frozen dinner- Veggie loaf- so good, and an apple. 

Picture 015

I went to the grocery store after work, and found NUTRITIONAL YEAST!  I’ve seen it on so many blogs, and always assumed we never had it here, because I’ve never seen it.  But I noticed it today!  It was $10, which is weird I thought for yeast.  haha.  But it has B12 which apparently is something you get from meat, so that’s good.   I had a coconut Larabar to hold me over ’till supper.  It was awesome, first time trying that kind.

Picture 016

Dinner was leftover stirfry, with some of the veggie dumplings I got at the Asian Food Store.  Dessert is a homemade brownie, and a small bowl of Terra Chips while watching some of season 4 of Weeds! Night!

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3 responses to “Spirooooooooli

  1. Brooke

    i have been wanting to try amy’s veggie loaf! so did you love it? i’ll have to get it next time i’m at the store.

    and about the nutritional yeast, i buy it in bulk at my local co-op. i think its about $10 lb and i buy it in small quantities. that way it remains fresh. for your first ny experience you should make a cheese sauce for pasta or nachos! i love it.

  2. You must make nutritional yeast “queso!” To die for!

  3. Mmm yes that veggie loaf is amazing, all the guys at my work were so curious about it! I have seen this Queso cheese sauce stuff! It looks amazing, will try it for sure.

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