Workin For The Weekend

Picture 010

Soooooooo for brekkie it was again pumpkin oatmeal.  I packed a lunch of a wrap with tofurky, veganaise, lettuce and tomato on an Ezekial wrap,and a nectarine.  The guys at work were having a meeting, so they ordered pizza, lots of pizza, and I ate my delicious lunch instead!!  I guess it didn’t matter anyways because they get pizzas with TONS of meat.  

After work me and my mom walked up to the Bulk Barn with my dog, and I picked up a few things.  I found sooo many good things I wanted to get- like the Annie’s Goddess Dressing I’ve seen on other blogs.  I got a small bag of organic dried apricots and they were really good, brown in color instead of orange.  By the time I had supper cooked it was like 7:30.  I chopped up veggies and made a Szechwan sauce, cut up some extra firm tofu,then boiled some of the brown rice vermicelli.  It was a good stirfry.  Really good, because I added PB to the sauce, and PB is good in everything.  Annnnd pretty chopsticks!  Some day the art of chop sticks will be mastered. 

Picture 011

Dessert was a delicious brownie and some Purely Decadent pralines and cream.  Mmmm.  It’s Friday tomorrow yay 🙂



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2 responses to “Workin For The Weekend

  1. A perfect, simple lunch.

    Are you a chopstick expert or are you just learning?

  2. Unfortunately, no. Haha I try, but have noooo idea if it’s right. Do you use em?

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