They Tricked Me!

Yesterday I went to a local small Asian Food Store, and I was excited to find Veggie Dumplings!  So I got them, brown rice Vermacelli and dumpling dipping sauce.  I looked over the ingredients when I was there, but then I got home and looked at my dumplings and for some reason there was another ingredient list on the other side which said they have Monosodium Glutamate in em 😦  Booourns to added chemicals. 

 Picture 008

This morning I brought in the remaining cupcakes to work, and a couple of the men I work with ate them and really liked them!  Little did they know…the tofu lurked within hahaha.  For breakfast I had ANOTHER bowl of pumpkin oatmeal (I made a BIG pot last night and portioned it out), with a cup of coffee and blob of PB

 Picture 004

For lunch I packed leftovers from last night’s dinner, which was an impromptu Mexican Casserole with re-fried beans, soy crumbles, brown rice, etc, and an apple. 

 Picture 003

For dinner I cut up half a sweet potato and cut them into fries, tossed them with canola oil, and sprinkled cinnamon, cayenne, s&p, then baked; threw spinach in a bit of canola oil with garlic powder; and grilled an Amy’s vegetable burger and served it on an Ezekial bun with veganaise, a provolone slice, tomato, lettuce and ketchup.  This meal was UNREAL- so good.  While I was eating a bird flew into the window!  It scared the hell out of me, but he was OK I guess because he flew away.  When my grammy lived here they sometimes flew into the window and weren’t so lucky 😦 

 Picture 005

Mmmm brownies for ANTM tonight!  Here’s the recipe link:

Picture 009 

Update:  OMG THESE ARE GOOD!!!! I used Organic Kamut flour instead.



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3 responses to “They Tricked Me!

  1. I watch ANTM too! It’s so addicting.

  2. I had pumpkin oatmeal for breakfast today too, it is one of my favorites in the fall!

    And I love your lunch combination. I always do that with leftover mexican food. Guacamole, beans, fire roasted corn, salsa, lime rice, lettuce…who needs a tortilla?

  3. It is addictive! Unfortunately I watch too many reality shows 😦

    YeAH and throwing it all together is easy, and makes for good leftovers!

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