Sunday Beanz

This morning when I woke up I wanted another Soy Cappuccino, and I had a BOGO coupon for a coffee shop called Beanz, so I headed there.  I got one for myself, and a Mocaccino for my bf.  It took reallllllllllllly long to get my order, so I just grabbed it and left.  I brought it home to have with my oatmeal, and when I took the lid off it was really watered down and flat.  No foamed soy milk like at the Farmers Market 😦  It was kinda icky.  But my oatmeal was good.

Picture 013

For lunch I had some organic macaroni and cheese with Earth Balance spread and soy milk added.  Later on I made some cupcakes!  Vanilla cupcakes, and the icing I used was from ED&BV, and the first time I’ve ever seen Silken Tofu.  Definitely weird haha.  Some of em had raspberry jam in the middle.  Amazing!

Picture 010

Picture 012

Excuse the pan I iced them in haha.

 Picture 007


I brought half to my parents house for their dessert.  Tonight was pizza night!  I brought the spelt flour,and made a crust out of it, and topped it like a pizza I saw on Destiny’s Kitchen….it was a “Cheeseburger” theme. 

  • Pizza Sauce
  • Yves Crumbles
  • Sliced Onion
  • Sliced Dill Pickles
  • Soy Cheese
  • Mustard
  • Diced Parsley

It was friggin good!  Except I didn’t oil the pan, so it stuck a little.  I had a salad on the side which I didn’t photograph.  Mmmm I just had a cupcake with a recorded episode of Gossip Girl, and then another!  hehe so good couldn’t resist.

Picture 014



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3 responses to “Sunday Beanz

  1. We had almost the same thing for lunch today!
    The frosting on those cupcakes looks so good and creamy!

  2. Tiff

    Those cupcakes look really good!!

  3. Mmm they were, they tasted like wonder bars or something peanut-buttery.

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