And the winner is…

Picture 002

This morning I slept in till lunchtime, then had a slice of the Maple Banana Loaf from Dreena’s Vegan Recipes, an orange and a cup of coffee with hemp milk.  I made my loaf with chocolate soy milk though so it’s chocolaty.  Dan won BB10!  I was kinda rooting for the April/Ollie combo throughout the season, but Dan/Memphis outsmarted everyone.  Anyway, I made nachos for me/bf, on his half was real cheese and cream cheese, and on mine was rice cheese.  To be honest, it freaked me out when I was grating it, it smelled NASTY.  But when I was eating my nachos, it tasted a lot better than it smelled.  My bf picked it up for me, and it actually has dairy in it, so my choice to avoid dairy cheese was defeated.  I had an organic root beer on the side, and it was the perfect dinner.  We watched Resident Evil (the second one).  I love movie nights 🙂

Picture 003

Blue corn nachos, topped with Amy’s Chili, tomatoes, fresh jalapeno pepper, green peppers, Rice cheese and a side of mashed avacado and salsa, baked in the oven for about 10 minutes.


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